View Full Version : D&D 5e/Next Totem Knight Base Class PEACH

2016-11-28, 04:12 PM
First, here's a link to the Homebrewery page. (http://homebrewery.naturalcrit.com/share/S19N3-cfe)

The idea for this class was a primal warrior, someone with deep connections to spirits. Initially, it was a fighter chassis with the Invocation-like Talisman Blessing features. The Spirit Guide was born of needing an archetype for the class, and the Totemic Clans are additional features because dead levels suck.

There's not a lot this class can't do, really; there's a ranged build in there, two-handed and unarmed support, sword-and-board. You can go full-blown tank or "spellcaster" ala your invocation and Guide choices.

Filling out the Blessings is top priority, followed by the name of the class itself. Balance stuff, as usual, needs to be addressed. Anyone with ideas can either PM me or post them here, and you'll get credit if they make it into the final version. Tschüss!

I'll post the more casual-friendly version when i get the chance. Need to find the premade tables for 5e someone did...