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Zeta Kai
2007-07-15, 07:46 PM
Back Flip (Ex): once every 1d4 rounds, you can take a 5 step backwards as a swift action, allowing you to gain +10 circumstance bonus to his Armor Class for 1 round

I developed this ability for Jack Krauser (CR10, see my Resident Evil d20 thread), but I wanted to draw special attention to it. Do you think that this is a good ability? Does it need clarification? Is it unbalanced? PEACH

2007-07-15, 09:11 PM
Ok, d&d doesn't normally have facing rules, how do you define backwards to know where you take a 5' step. Both moving 5' & a +10 circumstance bonus to AC might be a bit strange. Usually 5 feet is enough to move you out of someone's threatened area. Allowing players to move 5' when its not their turn might be strong enough by itself even without a +10 to AC. Does the 5' movement happen before, during or after the attack? If before, then expect crafty players to be backflipping out of the line of effect for lightning bolts and such.

Another way of doing this might be to treat the Back Flip as something like how a ride check allows you to negate a hit to your mount. Do you mean for this to be gainable as a class feature? As a feat? As a skill trick? This might be quite strong for a feat or skill trick, so you might wish to make the requirements fit.

Another way to give a back flip might be to do something like:

Acrobatic Flip (Ex): If you move less than the total distance a single move action would allow you to move (by walking, jumping or by tumbling), then once per round, as a reaction, you may attempt to negate an attack against you. After the attacker has rolled their attack roll and you know the attack hits, you may roll either a tumble or jump skill check. If your tumble or jump check is greater than the attack roll, the attack misses you.

If you cannot apply your Dexterity bonus to your AC, then you may not use Acrobatic Flip. If you are on a surface that would increase the tumble DC, then apply the modifier as a penalty to your jump or tumble check to flip.

If this was a feat or a skill trick, I suggest requiring at least 5 ranks in both jump and tumble. If a feat, you might also wish to require the feat Dodge as a requirement, maybe even requiring the person you use Acrobatic Flip against to be the same person you applied the +1 Dodge Bonus from Dodge to.

Edit: There appears to be a Cumbrous Dodge from Savage Species that grants +2 dodge to AC for the fight by makes you fatigued afterwards. That might suggest +10 to AC might be too much.

Zeta Kai
2007-07-16, 06:43 AM
Thanks for the feedback; I'll go about fixing the Back Flip.

EDIT: Here's the improved Back Flip special ability:

Back Flip (Ex): on a successful Tumble check (DC15), Krauser can take a 5 step as a swift action, allowing him to gain a +5 circumstance bonus to his Armor Class & Reflex saving throws for 1 round; if you Krauser apply his Dexterity bonus to his AC, then he may not use Back Flip; if he is on a surface that would increase the Tumble DC, then apply the modifier as a penalty to his Tumble check to successfully Back Flip