View Full Version : Best Adventure You Ever Did

2016-12-09, 12:01 AM
What's the best story in a short adventure you ever came across or did?

Sariel Vailo
2016-12-11, 03:49 AM
my drow male rouge or terrible rouge alpha as the more superior rouge called me. never stealthed higher than 12 max and almost never hit. but when we came to town. wih a babay dragon following our bard . the guard didnt want to let us in.so the bard attempted to persuade to him we were traveling performers. thee bard did the other rouge just looked menacing and the fighter,barbarian claimed to be body guards.the cleric claimed he was just a healer.and than the guard looke at my character who was covered in pidgeon ****.The guard said and what do you do DROW? My reply was im an acrobat the gaurd said show me. the dm was hoping id fail. i got a natural twenty i began running doing five backflips and getting held up by the female bard on one hand flipped once more and did a hand stand. i was indoctrinated at that moment as an honorary bard