View Full Version : D&D 3.x Other Item Creation fix for 3.5 (purchase item creation feats with XP)

2016-12-12, 07:13 AM
One of the problems with Item Creation in 3.5 is that magical item creators are punished by having to take item creation feats that weakens the item creator in other areas. In fact this was one of the main reasons that the designers of pathfinder dropped experience point requirements for item creation in pathfinder. Bizarrely, they kept the feat tax for item creators, and removed the XP requirement for making items. In other words, exactly the wrong way around!

Here I will offer a new feat, which is an umbrella feat for taking other item creation feats that you can purchase at any time. For a wizard this can replace the 1st level feat 'Scribe Scroll'.

Item Creator [Item Creation]
Caster level 1st or manifester level 1st (or equivalent).

You may now purchase any item creation feat that you meet the prerequisites for with Experience Points. Only item creation feats that directly create an item (for example, Scribe Scroll or Create Wondrous Item) may be purchased, and feats that affect the cost in GP, XP, or speed of creation may not be purchased via this feat (for example, the Magical Artisan feat).

The cost of each feat has an escalating cost, depending on how many item creation feats are purchased. The cost is capped at 5000 XP.

1st Item Creation Feat 100 XP
2nd Item Creation Feat 300 XP
3rd Item Creation Feat 600 XP
4th Item Creation Feat 1600 XP
5th Item Creation Feat 3700 XP
6th> Item Creation Feat 5000 XP

An item creation feat may be purchased at anytime, as long as the character has the available experience points. If purchasing the item creation feat would cause the character to lose a level, the feat may not be purchased.