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2016-12-18, 03:04 AM
The Fighter is, statistically, the most popular class in 5e (http://dnd.wizards.com/articles/features/dd-survey-results-summary). It's come up before on this forum that it's the yardstick for balance in the edition: the powerhouse every other class is compared to when developers want to judge what's too good or too bad about them.

So strictly speaking, the Fighter doesn't need fixing.

But I'm personally disappointed with the Fighter's flexibility, or lack thereof. In combat, it doesn't have a lot of round-to-round options, except as the Battle Master (which suffers resource economy) and the Eldritch Knight (which is a spellcaster). On top of this, the Fighter has extremely few utility and roleplay tools, and their Int, Wis and Cha are often dump stats.

I posted a prototype of this homebrew on this board a couple months ago, but here's something reworked (http://homebrewery.naturalcrit.com/share/S17itat5-g). My specific goals are:
To give the Fighter greater round-to-round options without resource systems
To distinguish different weapons and armours mechanically
To make Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma viable stats and worthwhile, accessible skills
To provide utility and roleplay features with power inside and outside of combat
To eliminate the need for half-casters via viable multiclassing (e.g. Eldritch Knights as Fighter/Wizards)

Compatibility with feats is a non-concern, since those are variant rules anyway.

My biggest concern is balance. The PHB Fighter is of course the ideal in that dimension, and I'm afraid I might've designed something too powerful. But besides balance, I'd like comments and critique on how well I met the aforementioned goals.

2016-12-18, 09:15 PM
For the purpose of illustrating, I've put together a set of 3rd level characters (http://homebrewery.naturalcrit.com/share/r1lCbpVVl) each differentiated to fill a different roleplay and combat niche. The six are three Sentinels and three Skirmishers; Warlord examples are to follow.