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2007-07-17, 12:31 AM
Quoting the domain feats general description:

If you have the ability to turn or rebuke undead, you can gain additional daily uses of a domain feat's benefit by permanently sacrificing daily uses of that ability.
Quoting one of the feats' description:

Special: If you have the ability to turn or rebuke undead, you gain one additional daily use of this feat for each daily turn or rebuke use you expend.
Emphasis mine.

So, which is it? Neither are very specific, but the first implies a Turn Undead daily use permanently sacrificed (possibly as you aquire the feat), while the second implies that you expend on the act Turn Undead uses for that day to get an extra use of the ability.

2007-07-17, 12:56 AM
The way I read it, they're quite consistent with each other. For the former, you sacrifice a permanent use of a turn/rebuke per day to gain a permanent domain feat use per day. The other just says you can also sacrifice one daily use for another daily use for that day.

It seems redundant, and some might say, "Why would I sacrifice a permanent turn/rebuke if I can do it without losing it permanently?" That I can't answer.

I might be wrong, too.

2007-07-17, 11:23 PM
Sounds like Neek is right to me.

Fax Celestis
2007-07-17, 11:58 PM
The feats themselves are primary source for how they work. The "permanent loss" thing was probably first draft and not altered to fit the new text when changes were made.