View Full Version : Pathfinder [Cavalier Order] Order of the Dissident Dawn

2016-12-21, 08:59 AM
While cavaliers who follow the order of the star adhere to the orthodox principles of their faith, there exists a smaller order that promotes benevolent heresies and heterodoxies regarding evil deities in hopes of redeeming them. These good cavaliers follow the order of the Dissident Dawn.

Universally they worship evil deities and demigods, but they extol the utilitarian virtues of their patron while 'twisting' their malevolent aspects to better fit a good deity.

Cavaliers of the order of the Dissident Dawn function exactly like cavaliers of the star- they simply promote a good-aligned heretical view of their faith and root out those who embrace the true tenants of their god rather than defending the orthodoxy.

Does it count as a new order if mechanically it says 'Insert other order here'? Well, if the Black Daimyo counts then I'd say so.