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2016-12-26, 01:31 AM
...and possibly an attractive choice?

Instead of making them a race, I had the idea to make them a feat, sort of.

Prerequisite: Human, 1st-level
Benefit: +1 dex, low-light vision, Immune to magic sleep effects, +2 racial bonus on saves against enchantment spells or effects, +1 racial bonus to listen/spot/search, +2 racial bonus to diplomacy/gather info, only require 6 hours of sleep, elf blood, can speak elven
Special: You must give up your human bonus skills at 1st and 2nd level

This gives you everything a half-elf would otherwise get, and +1 dex, in exchange for a feat and 5 skill points.

Is this unbalanced for a core game?

2016-12-26, 08:32 PM
Is this unbalanced for a core game?

44 views and nothing?

2016-12-26, 11:02 PM
Well, an ability score in a feat in 3.5e is not really common.

Since you're costing both a feat and 5 skill points (why the 2nd level one?), when compared to a by-the-book Half-Elf, you're basically gaining the Human subtype (which depending on the DM, and Races of Destiny, you might have anyway) and +1/level bonus skill points from 3rd level on.

If you ask most optimizers, it's not the bonus skill points that make a Human more powerful, it's the feat, which you've now burned.

In summation, it's.. ok?

2016-12-28, 03:50 AM
(why the 2nd level one?)

Call it a spitball, I guess. I figured if they only lost a feat, they'd be superior to humans, but if they didn't get their extra skill points, they'd fall behind, so I looked at their skill bonuses (+7, total, but the allocation isn't up to you) and it just came to me.