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2016-12-26, 10:20 AM
Hello Everyone!

I recently wrapped up an Eberron campaign and I wanted to share some homebrew stuff I made related to the game.

First, an entire hex map of the continent of Xen'Drik. If you want to use it in Roll20, the map is too big and you're going to need to split it up to make it smaller. I ended up splitting it into five pieces, but it never actually saw use in the game. For reference, each square is 36 miles. In-game, I was going to have the standard travel time be one week and they would move 6 hexes at normal pace, 3 hexes at slow pace, and 9 hexes at fast pace. These measurements are all approximated, not exact.

I only added landmarks to places that the players were expected to visit and those locations were approximated. All of the settlements in Xen'Drik are left intact, but some locations were slightly changed, like Mel-Aqat, and some places were removed. I also added caves, ruins locations, and I called the obelisk landmarks 'eldritch machines' left behind by giants or quori.

I can't share links yet, because I don't post here enough, so you're going to have to copy the link below to your URL bar and add ''https://" to the front of it.

Feel free to copy & paste and more importantly, enjoy!


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Alright, now for the second piece of homebrew: The Artificer [WIP]!

I've worked on and off with homebrew version of Artificers for about a year, but I've settled on this version finally. Some main features of my artificer:

The artificer is now a full caster, on par with the bard.
The artificer is still dependent on objects for some spells and has a shorter spell list, but they can cast spells directly from their list.
The artificer has the Magical Artisan feature which allows it to spend craft points to create temporary magic items. The three options you can use to create magic items include Brew Potion, Arcane Armorer, and Spell-Storing Item.
The artificer spell list has new spells, which is part of why it is WIP. I gave each of the spells a basic description on what they do, feel free to fill in any missing details on your own for now.
The artificer has two Dedication options: Tinkerer and Battlesmith. The Battlesmith can infuse their weapon with energy, attack more often, and use better combat equipment. The Tinkerer can regain craft points quicker, extend the use of potions, perfectly emulate spells, and eventually make one of their custom magic items permanent.
The artificer HAS NOT seen a lot of playtesting, which is mostly why it is WIP. If you like this class and want me to do more with it, let me know.

Alright, I'll stop babbling. Here's the Artificer!


Have fun with all this stuff! I worked hard on it. :)

2018-07-18, 03:18 PM
I stumbled onto this thread while I was preparing to run Tomb of Annihilation in Eberron. Your hex map of Xen'drik is a wonderful resource and I wanted to thank you for posting it.