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2016-12-28, 12:33 PM
So I've been contemplating a psionic class for a bit and decided to experiment a bit. I've based it in large measure off of the UA Mystic, but removing the melee-focused areas. It can be found as a WIP at http://homebrewery.naturalcrit.com/share/SyzohwgEx.

Short form desires and notes:

Hit Dice: d8
Armor Proficiencies: light
Weapons: Simple
Full caster equivalent with slightly more known "spells" than a sorcerer.
Imagined Role: Control with light blasting. Medium/short range.
Flexibility: high within channels. "Spells" should diversify as psi points invested increase

What I'm having trouble with is thinking of subclass features. I know that I want some disciplines ("spells") to do more if you have the right gift. I've come up with two sub-classes (called Psychic Gifts):

Both gain features at the following levels:

1st: Some kind of always-on feature that shows the flavor of the subclass
6th: ??
10th: ??
14th: ??
20th: Capstone.

Gift of the Beguiler
This one should be focused on controlling/affecting minds more than moving matter. Light healing is a possibility. Ideas so far:

1st level: Expertise in social skills, proficiency in insight with the ability to use INT instead of WIS.

Gift of the Kineticist
This one should focus on improving the ability to throw and burn things. Basically a pocket poltergeist. Ideas so far:

1st level: Telekinetic jumping, climbing, falling (proficiency + use INT for ability checks to do those things). At 3rd level can extend it to another creature. Max one creature at a time.

6th level: Hybrid of monk's deflect missiles with abjuration wizard's ward. Reduce damage as reaction on self or other. Damage reduced below 0 can be redirected to an enemy. Recharges on long rest or after using Kineticist disciplines.

What should subclass features look like for each of these? I'd like a mix of ribbons and crunchy mechanics. Any other comments on the base class would be welcome as well.

Note: I saw Kryx's Psion (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?501442-Psionics-Psion-and-211-powers-converted-from-Pathfinder-(Dreamscarred-Press)) but wanted something a little less complex. I'm working on a slimmed down list of powers--I'm guessing about 30 total with some mimicking spells while others are new or converted from 4e. The beginnings of that list are at http://homebrewery.naturalcrit.com/share/Sy88mF-re