View Full Version : Looking for simple pvp skirmish combat system

Puking Fawn
2016-12-30, 04:57 AM
This combat system:

is for 1-300 units (okay to divide them into squads and/or assign leaders)
needs to work without map, or other spatial reference
should work only with input made at start, with no real-time upgrades
can take into account terrain, morale etc. but not variability in units (all units are the same)

Some examples I found which unfortunately don't quite get there (cannot post urls):
Travian combat system forum.travian.us/showthread.php?t=75248 - good formulas, but variability comes from the units

Chain Reaction twohourwargames.com/chrefive.html - some pretty good ideas, but unfortunately it's made for tabletop miniature wargames (spatial reference)

If anyone has any pointers I would be very thankful.