View Full Version : Attack effects for an AP based combat system

2017-01-03, 11:52 PM
In the process of designing my system I've reached the point where I'm adding what's essentially player chosen Plug-ins for effects they can add to tailor their attack even further. These effects cost ap.

Right now I've got
Bash (knockback), Bleed, Blind, Called Shot (additive for certain effects), Damage Bonus (extra weapon Dice), Sever, Sunder, Trip, Unbalence.

Each of these are specifically mechanical benefits that when used alter how your attack is made to provide different debuffs.

What are some other potential effects you would want to see?

It's been mentioned elsewhere that it might be possible to make a system for describing your own effects without having to come up with each and every possibility. I like this idea but don't have any idea how to implement something like this. If you do, Thoughts?