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2017-01-07, 02:15 AM
Hello, so my DM made a Brawler Archetype for Fighter a while back and I wanted to modify it to use for Barbarian and wanted some tips to make it more balanced/viable, depending on how people feel before i bring it forth to my DM.

First the Brawler her made [Martial Archetype]

~Lvl 3:
~If you have 'Tavern Brawler' Feat, choose 1 ability score and add 1 to it [normal not over 20 rules apply]

~Proficiency with unarmed and improvised

~Can use Dex instead of Strength for Unarmed and Improvised attacks

~Can use unarmed and improvised with 2-weapon fighting as if they had light property

~roll d4 in place of damage, scales with fighter levels: lvl 3-4 1d4, 5-10 1d6, 11-16 1d8, 17-20 1d10.

~when you hit with unarmed or improvised weapon can use bonus to attempt grapple.

Lvl 3:
~When wearing light or no armor +1 AC, +2 at lvl 10, +3 lvl 18

Lvl 7:
Knockout: When you hit another creature with melee you can attempt a knockout. Save is Con: 8+prof+str/dex mod, fail the target is unconcious. Can save at end of each turn, on success they awake. Disadvantage if grappled. Long Rest recharge. At 15th level refresh on short rest.

lvl 10:
Brutal Brawling: When hit creature, once per turn, with melee may impose one disadvantage:
~Dex save [8+dex/str+prof] or be knocked prone
~Str save [8+dex/str+prof] or be shoved back 15ft
~They get no reactions till next turn [no save]

lvl 15:
Brawler's flurry: when 2-weapon fighting with unarmed/improvised you may make 2 attacks as a bonus action instead of one.

lvl 18:
Improved Brutal Brawling: When you hit with unarmed you may impose brutal browling on hit target [honestly i'm not sure what it means, i assume it means you dont need save? or can impose all effects? any suggestions?]


OK, so onto idea of Primal Path:

I was just gonna do lvl 3 the same, lvl 7 would be the lvl 6 primal path, lvl 10 is same, and finally lvl 14 primal is the lvl 15 in brawler. so i lose the lvl 18 feat thing.

HOPEFULLY that wasn't too confusing to anyone :P