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2017-01-07, 10:26 AM
This thread follows on from the discussion of active social and personality mechanics. here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?504803-It-s-not-my-fault-I-am-just-doing-what-the-dice-say-my-character-would-do!). This thread is to explore the practicalities, and is a semi-pretend attempt to create an example system.

As such those from, on any issues where two sides exist, either side is welcome and desired to contribute. But particularly on the existence can you at least roleplay buy-in and work with identifying and trying to fix issues/conflicts. Then when those that remain remain, you can point it out on the other thread (or this if it's been a decent while, this) as a reason to not try.

The setting is to be one where intrigue and social interactions are a key feature, but one in which there is also a decent amount of violence. Perhaps ancient rome, medieval city states, espionage, basically not everything is to be fought. Characters have Strength/Dexterity/Wisdom/Intelligence/(and charisma ones TBC) where normal range is from 40-60. Skills range from 0(normal)-100.

I prepose the vague plan:
Today/1st Page: Adjust the plan/setting if needed

Ongoing: Suggest hypothetical PC's in narration style, a few sentences about what they'd (almost)always/often/sometimes/(almost)never do.
As mechanics are built up, add these details to the character. Noting what conflicts (and how fundamental it is), and what is left unsaid (ditto, it might well not be a problem).
These of course are not the only possible PC's or even the most desirable, but are merely test cases.

Collect about 20 major character properties, each with say around 5 states. Where most people are different from 'normal'. See if some can be semi-merged into pairs (like alignment) or assumed to correlate (unless told otherwise).
Hopefully end up with something like 10 properties. Each property with some (5?) simple states and some (20?) off track ones.
At this point we have about a million simple characters, about 100 times as many fairly simple, and around 95,000 billion special snowflakes. So most things should be covered. Of course they don't have any effect yet!

Collect a few (2 or 3) character stats (charisma), and character resource(s) (happiness).

Put down some typical advantages for the different properties in situations. Risk of compulsion to be permitted but limited to extreme states and following multiple choices. Most things will give simple small bonuses to (all) stats, or character resources in appropriate positions.

Pick a few simple interactions, try a few, do they succeed.
Pick some nastier ones (and awkward players), try a few, how badly do they fail, do they need fixing.

If needed collect additional traits/feats/skills which further modify things that aren't already covered. The PC would probably have no more than 5? But the list would be much longer.

2017-01-07, 10:34 AM
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