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2007-07-20, 07:33 PM
This is my first homebrew, hope you like it.

Wounded Ones
Medium Outsider
HD 7d8+14 (51)
Speed 40 ft. (8 squares)
Init: +7
AC 18; touch 8; flat-footed 19
(+3 Dex, +5 Natural Armor)
BAB +7; Grp +7
Attack: Touch +10 mele touch (Wound Transfer)
Full-Attack 2 Touches +10 mele touch (Wound Transfer)
Space 5 ft, Reach 5 ft.
Special Attacks: Wound Transfer
Special Qualities: Outsider Traits, Undead Traits, Constatution Score, Immune to Posative And Negative Energy.
Saves Fort +8 Ref +8 Will +5
Abilities Str 17, Dex 16, Con 15, Int 6, Wis 7, Cha 12
Skills Hide +13, Spot +6, Listen +6, Move Silently +13, Search +6, Bluf +11
Feats: Improved Initative, Toughness, Toughness
Environment: Nightmares
Organization: Any
Challenge Rating: 4
Treasure: None
Alignment: Any
Advancement: None
Level Adjustment: -

What looks like a human covered in wounds walks up to you. As he touches you, you feel intence pain. Looking on your arm you see slashes and burns while some of the creatures injurys have vanished

Wounded Ones are creatures from nightmare that sometimes escape into the Material Plane. They have many injurys and are constantly in pain. The only way they can heal is by transfering thier wounds to another.

Wound Transfer:
Deals 1d6 points of damage to the target of the attack if the target has a Constatution score. Gives the Wounded One the same ammount as (Permanent) HP. When a Wounded One is at twice normal HP they cannot use this attack.

Inyssius Tor
2007-07-20, 07:34 PM
Alas and alack, the MitP II is closed. Sorry.

MitP-II is now CLOSED to new submissions.

Now we enter the revision phase. Everyone: pick a monster that has passed and do your very best to find ways to fit these beasts into ecologies. Also, if you have artistic talent--or someone you know does--try and make imagery for these monsters. A picture is frequently more descriptive than text. Try to clean up verbage on abilities without altering their function as well.

Finally, if a monster is race-suitable, make a "As Characters" paragraph.

Welcome to Phase 2.

Zeta Kai
2007-07-20, 07:48 PM
Alas and alack, the MitP II is closed. Sorry.

And thank Pelor for that. This forum has been choked with MitPII creations for months now. I'm sick of monsters.

2007-07-20, 08:30 PM
Oops. :smallredface: Well I can still post homebrewed stuff.

2007-07-31, 12:40 PM
I rather like the idea of a 'Wounded One', not sure about the mechanic, though.