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2017-02-24, 03:14 PM
I'm trying to aim for a bit stronger than normal races here, in 3.5 terms, but I'm a bit worried about balance, as this was rather quickly thrown together for a game I'm running soon, maybe even this weekend. Abilities are drawn from Morrowind and Skyrim, though I'm trying to minimize the random spell-like abilities everyone got. Comments would be welcome.

Altmer/High Elves:
Medium Humanoid (Elf)
-2 Strength, +2 Intelligence
Base speed: 30 ft.
Highborn: Altmer have a +1 caster level bonus with all evocation and conjuration (Creation) spells and spell-like abilities. Additionally, they have one additional spell slot per day of every level of spell they can cast in any arcane spellcasting class they take.
Racial skills: Altmer have a +2 racial bonus to craft (alchemy) and spellcraft checks.
Favored Class: wizard

Saxleel/argonians/Lizard people
Medium Humanoid (reptilian, aquatic)
+2 dexterity, -2 constitution
Base speed: 40 ft., 30 ft. swim speed
Hist blood: +4 resistance save bonus against all poisons and diseases
+2 racial skill bonus on all jump, climb, swim and balance checks
Natural weapons: 2 claws, 1d4 damage each
Favored Class: ranger

Boiche/Bosmer/Wood Elves
Small humanoid (elf)
+2 dexterity, -2 constitution
Base speed: 30 ft.
Master bowmen: all wood elves are automatically proficient with shortbows and longbows and gain weapon focus (short bow) and weapon focus (longbow) as bonus feats
+2 resistance save bonus against poisons
+2 racial skill bonus on all survival, hide and move silently checks
Spell like abilities: can use speak with animals 1/day as a druid with a caster level equal to their character level
Favored class: ranger

Bretons/Half Elves
Medium humanoid (human)
+2 intelligence, -2 constitution
Base speed: 30 ft.
+1 caster level on all conjuration (calling), conjuration (healing) or conjuration (summoning) spells for all spellcasting classes.
Dragon skin: Bretons have Spell resistance equal to 10+HD and a +2 racial skill bonus on craft (alchemy) and spellcraft
Favored class: bard

Dunmer/Dark Elves
Medium humanoid (elf)
+2 dexterity, -2 charisma
Base speed: 30 ft.
Ashborn: Dunmer take half damage from both natural and magical fire, and gain a +1 bonus on caster level for all spells with the (fire) subtype. $
Ancestral protection: once per day, dunmer may reroll a save, or force an opponent to reroll a successful attack roll against them.
All dunmer are proficient with shortsword, rapiers, elven courtblades and elven thinblades.
Favored class: Duskblade

Medium humanoid (human)
-2 dexterity, +2 charisma
Base speed: 30 ft.
+2 racial bonus on all bluff, diplomacy and gather information checks.
+1 skill point per level.
Star of the West: Once per day, imperials may reroll any dice roll.
All imperials are proficient with longswords and bastard swords
Favored class: Any

Suthay-Rath Khajiit/Cat people
Medium humanoid
+2 dexterity, -2 constitution
+2 racial skill bonus on jump, balance, climb and intimidate checks
Darkvision out to 60 feet
Natural weapons: 2 claws dealing 1d4 damage each
Favored class: rogue

Medium humanoid (human)
+2 strength, -2 charisma
Base speed: 30 ft.
Woad: nords have a +1 natural armor bonus
Skyborn: all nords take half damage from cold.
All nords are proficient with all axes.
Favored class: fighter

Medium humanoid (human)
+2 constitution, -2 intelligence
Battle trance: regardless of alignment, Redguards may use Whirling Frenzy (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/variant/classes/classFeatureVariants.htm), as a first level barbarian, once per day. If they are barbarians, they instead gain one additional use of rage or frenzy per day.
All Redguard are proficient with light and medium armor and all swords
Redguards have a +2 racial resistance bonus against disease.
Favored class: barbarian

Medium humanoid (elf, orc)
+2 strength, +2 constitution, -2 intelligence, -2 dexterity, -2 charisma
Life under arms: All orcs are proficient with all armor. Heavy armor does not reduce their movement speed, and they gain no penalties for sleeping in armor.
Orc have a +2 racial bonus on all craft checks to produce weapons or armor.
Raging blood: Orcs may rage, as a first level barbarian, once per day. If they are barbarians, they instead gain one additional use of rage per day.
Favored class: barbarian

I may produce a few alternate class features too, I'm thinking of one for Dunmer spellcasters that trade their familiar for an ancestor spirit, and one for nords that gives them some kind of ice blast, as that was a thing they had in morrowind.