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2017-02-26, 04:33 PM
Hello Community!

I have been searching the web for a psionic warlock patron that doesn't reek of villainy. The GOO could be considered neutral if it weren't for the "Create Thrall" feature. While it is a strong feature, it is a move usually reserved for villain types, or at best, anti-heroes. My concept revolves around the dormant FR god, Auppenser, doling out a few pacts to further the cause of psionics as well as giving psionic abilities to those who otherwise would have none. Auppenser is known for his anti-slavery philosophy and I would like to see features that reflect this. Most of the GOO abilities accomplish this, save for the cap feature.

My idea was for the warlock to be able to instill the ability for anyone the one-time use of a psionic talent, manifested at it lowest strength. This ability would be usable by the warlock 1/long rest, and the target of this ability would retain it for an amount of time equal to its Intelligence modifier. This feature would help to further the use of psionics, thus help a weak god to get some power back. The benefit to the warlock would be an increase in attack or hit damage (or some other benefit of equal worth) equal to the amount of individuals affected by this ability, to a maximum of some ability modifier (cha, con, or int).

What do you think?

2017-02-27, 03:24 AM
I think the reason you don't see 'good' warlock patrons I because its part of the warlock motif. A warlock trades future actions for present power, and follows their patron's will. A soul is traditional, but patrons take other oaths or binding agreements when they take warlocks.

And to restrict the will of another being is nearly always evil-ish. Even a moderately good entity can be expected to be so different from humanoids such that their will isn't even completely fathomable, or just divergent in interesting ways.

For your imagined patron, I would ask yourself why it wants psionics to be spread in the world, and why. Perhaps he can use psionic minds like hardware, and it runs like software on the minds of millions. But then your feature makes little sense, because gifting temporary psionic power isn't the permanent solution it might look for.

In this way, look to the other patrons. A fiend warlock doesn't literally spree evil and corruption, it's just something a fiend patron might result of them. A GOO warlock doesn't literally cause madness. It's just their mission.

So your features don't need to actually do the mission. Perhaps the character can set up psionic academies, or roam the land showcasing their abilities to entice people to learn from him. He can instantiate himself into governments so that psionic training is required for the military. Possibilities abound if your goal is simply to create as many psionic minds as possible.

Have fun, and let me know what you think!

2017-02-27, 07:39 AM
Thanks for your input zeek. You definitely gave me something to think about. Another option I had been considering was implanting something in the target creature's genetics that would make future generations more likely to develop psionic abilities, similar to an "x-gene," on top of the single use talent. Going this route is mildly deceptive, which might appeal to some players. The beauty of neutral alignments is that gray areas of conduct can be acceptable as long as the target doesn't get hurt, you don't get hurt, or the objective gets carried out.

Being a warlock doesn't have to mean you're a shady character. A warlock could also be considered an agent of a higher power that doesn't got enough juice to have clerics. That's also an angle that I am considering.

As the title says, this is an open-source thing. How can this work? You have a patron that is very neutral and very psionic in nature. GOO is nearly perfect for the concept, but it's missing that little something. Of course it would help if we all had more to go on in terms of 5e psionics.

Anyway, thanks for reading and good gaming!

2017-02-27, 11:04 AM
Have you considered making it a 1/3 manifester? Seems the easiest and most elegant solution. Start them with 1 talent, 1 discipline, and 1 psi point, rising to 2 points at level 2 and the full mystic 1 suite at level 3.

2017-02-27, 03:11 PM
I think that a warlock I about the struggle between two wills - that of the character and that of the patron. Even an angelic patron could and would be difficult to follow - think of angelic depictions in stories like Supernatural or Sandman. And since D&D doesn't have the Abrahamic God, there really is no perfectly good being. D&D is hardly about omnibenevolent beings - they have fickle gods. Think Old Testament, not the New.

Here's another patron spitball: While admitting only a passing knowledge of Buddhism, I think that some Buddha-like patron could be in order.

The patron gives power, and in exchange the character agrees to abide by the teachings and direction of the Teacher. The Teacher, I imagine, is like a meditation or martial arts teacher. They require discipline of thought and deed.

The Teacher wishes for all people to become part of her philosophy of living, which requires the character create schools that further her philosophy.

Of course, there are considerably evil ways to make people subscribe to a philosophy. But assuming that this patron doesn't push you too far, it could be alright.

2017-03-01, 08:20 AM
Thanks for the assist zeek. It occurred to me that I may have been pushing for a non-evil patron, when I could have considered creative story options. Nerdarchy provided me with some inspiration as well, in that a deity or other higher power could "gift" you the power of a pact or some other class option that you wouldn't normally consider taking. Imagine an established rogue who is made to take a level of Cleric, Trickery domain, of course. Or a psionic character tricked into a GOO pact. The options are endless really. Anyway, good gaming to you.

2017-03-01, 08:26 AM
Have you considered making it a 1/3 manifester? Seems the easiest and most elegant solution. Start them with 1 talent, 1 discipline, and 1 psi point, rising to 2 points at level 2 and the full mystic 1 suite at level 3.

I'm not sure I understand what you're suggesting. The actual warlock being a 1/3 manifester or the target of the 14th level feature? Or something else entirely?

2017-03-01, 09:09 AM
what about xel'naga as focus were patron gives you whole new powerful body as boon which you need to fulfill its enigmatic quest( here is the over arching character arc for pc) with it.