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2007-07-24, 08:35 AM
our DM is doing his interpretation of Temple of elemental evil. to keep my character's spellbook safe I have bought a house (2 room) in Verbobonc.
are there any online resources concerning Verbobonc? maps, histories etc.
wikipedia hasn't been much help and I'd like to know as much as possible before my DM fills in the blanks.

Keld Denar
2007-07-24, 08:47 AM
Verbobonc corresponds to the state of Indiana in the Living Greyhawk campaign. There are a ton of web resouces available for that campaign. Try looking for their regional website off the RPGA website. MOST regions have regional history and gazeteer .pdfs available for download that include flavor and history. Give it a look.

A quick google search brought up their regional website:

On there there is some information about influencial organizations within the Viscounty, Laws of the Land, and some of the sociopolitical structure. It's worth a good hours reading.

If you really want more information, you can see about joining the verbobonc yahoo group and asking questions there, but you'll probably get a lot of emails from the folks in Indiana who are trying to organize Living Greyhawk game tables, as well as regional convention announcements. Great if you are active in the RPGA LG campaign, but not if you arn't.

2007-07-24, 08:50 AM
its not living greyhawk (not even sure what that is) its regular greyhawk

Keld Denar
2007-07-24, 09:06 AM
Living Greyhawk is a living campaign, controlled by the RPGA and WotC and run by a very dedicated core of volunteers. They control an ongoing international Greyhawk campaign that divides the better part of the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia into regions. Each region is responsible for its own regional flavor. I used to live in Michigan, which corresponds to the Kingdom of Furyondy. Furyondy has its own plot lines, concerned mostly with a battle over the throne between the existing King Belvor IV and his vampire son Thrommel. The kingdom is also often invaded by the forces of the demonprince demigod Iuz. Now I live in Mass. which corresponds to the region of Bissel, which just recently survived an invasion by the evil necromancer Evard (name sound familiar?).

The state of Indiana is Verbobonc, so the people who live there and participate actively in the campaign would know a lot about the history and current events of the Viscounty. I don't know that much about it, being as I have never played in Indiana. If you can utilize that site I linked above, however, you can get into contact with some people who DO know a ton about the region and its flavor. Good luck, and please be polite to the people you contact. They are a core of very hardworking volunteers who devote a lot of time into what they do.

</shameless plug for LG>

2007-07-24, 11:43 AM
I found that Furyondy and Verbobonc had some of the most useful Greyhawk material available including maps.

The Canonfire website also has a lot of good Greyhawk information.