View Full Version : D&D 5e/Next MOAR arcane half caster and PEACHes

2017-02-27, 12:43 PM
Think we have collectively created a thousand of these yet? But really, this was just a fun little hobby project to scratch the itch between games, and now I have another spontaneous game coming up and I would like this to be available to my players. It isn't in tip top shape, but I need it playtest ready pretty soon, so any feedback is welcome.

PDF Kids (https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2WcwY1Bp6ARVWNMSjEybURKZ3c)

There are a few issues I'm most concerned about, in order of appearance:

Is the option for proficiency in initiative busted, specifically for multiclass?
Is Monster Lore a worthwhile feature? Is it busted with 1/2 proficiency bonus to all intelligence checks?

Imbue weapon damage bonus is supposed to fit somewhere between divine smite and the elemental weapon spell, but I'm afraid it misses the mark.
Also, turning into an elemental is already the land druid's shtick, and this comes online much later, ought it be changed and how so?

My take on the "channel spell" idea, inscribing spells into weapons. I have read a dozen different ways to do this in 5e and its still fairly complex. Thoughts?
Does gaining a copy of the "war magic" at 5th level work as an extra attack replacement? Assuming green flame blade as a standard cantrip attack.

Is this a total pipe dream? Does an improved-familiar pet class even work, and if so is basically Wild Shaping it work as a basis?
Also, getting ritual spells is a option for the warlock (Book of Ancient secrets), is stealing that too much? would "always known" spells work better?

Does the simplicity of this subclass underpower it?

Lastly, I have no idea about a spell list. Any suggestions welcome. Also, class specific spells.