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2017-03-24, 06:55 AM
Just something I threw together when someone else was talking about it on the 5e thread.

Dragoon Paladin

Bold and Unbowed: Let no creature boss you around. Always maintain your pride and dignity. Follow suggestions, but never orders.

Lucullan Feast: Always make sure to grab healthy, large meals whenever possible. Quality and Quantity are both very important.

Crassan Wealth: Always have a fondness for a particular sort of wealth (coins, fine art, aged wines) and guard your collection jealously.

Nemo me impune lacessit: Never let slights go unpunished. Revenge may be small (refusing an alliance) or large (wiping out entire families) but it must always be there.

Oath Spells:
3rd: Chromatic Orb, Find Familiar (Pseudodragon)
5th: Enhance Ability, Suggestion
9th: Tongues, Fly
13th: Fabricate, Leomundís Secret Chest
17th: Geas, Animate Objects

(You must choose a metallic or chromatic dragon from the list when you take this oath, for purposes of some oath abilities)

Channel Divinity:
Apex Predator: You can proclaim your status as top of the food chain and defy all others below you. As an action, you may present your holy symbol and use your channel divinity. All beasts and any creature that can speak draconic within 30 feet must pass a wisdom saving throw or be turned for 1 minute or until it takes damage.
Dreadful Eye: You are able to hunt down an object you need or desire with incredible ability. As an action, you use your channel divinity. Choose one object, either a generic one or one you can see. If the former, if it exists on your plane then you know the precise location of the closest one. If the latter, then you will know its precise location. This effect lasts for a week or until this Channel Divinity is invoked again.

Draconic Aura: You and all allies within 10 feet have resistance to your dragon typeís damage and every weapon attack you or they do does 1d4 extra damage of that type. This increases to 30 feet at level 18.

Drakeblood Manifest: Your service to the dragons grants you an incredible boon. You gain the traits of a half-dragon template (see the Monster Manual) of the appropriate type. (You may choose the appearance as well, or may refuse it).

The Wyrm Incarnate:
At 20th level, you gain the ability to take the form of a dragon. Using your action, you undergo a transformation and for one minute are transformed into an adult dragon of your type a la the True Polymorph spell.

Any thoughts?

2017-04-03, 10:25 AM
Bioalchemist: Wizard Subclass

Level 2 ability:
Corruption Savant: May scribe any spell that causes acid, poison or necrotic damage at half cost.

The Creature: When the Bioalchemist reaches level 2, he creates a creature as an experiment. The creature can be any CR ľ beast or monstrosity. It will follow its masterís commands but in combat will act on instinct. The creature will increase in the power of the form it takes as the master increases in level. The master may change the form of the beast each time he levels up or by spending 25 gp in biological components. If the creature is killed, the master may create another one at the cost of 100 gp.

Wizard Level:CR

Level 6 ability:
Critter Collector: The Bioalchemist has advantage on any knowledge check to find out information about an enemy monster.

Level 10 ability:
Mithridates Method: The Bioalchemist has immunity to poison damage and the poison condition. In addition, whenever the Bioalchemist casts a spell that causes poison or acid damage any saving throws are at a disadvantage.

Level 14 ability:
Instructor of Abominations: Every time the bioalchemist takes a long rest, he may teach 2 spells of no higher than level 3 to his creature. The creature may cast these spells as wizard spells without spending a spell slot once each, and forgets them after casting them.

2017-04-04, 05:27 PM
Giant Barbarian: Barbarian Subclass

Level 3 Ability: Living Artillery: If you have a free hand, as an action, you may grab a rock from the ground and make a ranged weapon attack using strength: 1d10 damage, 30/60 range.
The damage of this attack increases to 2d10 at level 5, and 3d10 at level 11. You are proficient with this attack.

Level 6 ability: Giantís Blessing: Choose a giant type; you gain a benefit from the giant type you strive to emulate.

Hill Giant: You gain proficiency with cooking tools and resistance to poison and acid damage, as well as immunity to the poisoned condition.
Stone Giant: Your stone throwing attacks impose a difficulty (8+Prof+Str Modifier) Str save, a fail meaning the target is knocked prone.
Frost Giant: You gain resistance to cold and your weapon attacks do an additional 1d4 cold damage
Fire Giant You gain resistance to fire and your weapon attacks do an additional 1d4 fire damage
Cloud Giant: You learn the Friends Cantrip and may cast the Fog Cloud and Disguise Self spell once each per long rest. Wisdom is your casting modifier for these spells.
Storm Giant: You gain resistance to lightning and your weapon attacks do an additional 1d4 lightning damage

Level 10 ability: Preternatural Athlete: you gain proficiency in Athletics, unless you already had proficiency in Athletics, in which case you gain expertise in Athletics.

Level 14 ability: Unbound Fury: Your size category increases to Large.

2017-04-05, 07:11 AM
Wizard Subclass: Lycomancer

Level 2:
Nature Savant: You learn one level 1 spell from the druid spell list.

Minor transformation: You may spend ten minutes transforming. If you do, you may turn into any animal from the Find Familiar list. You may transform back if you spend an action or when you are reduced to 0 hit points. You may use this ability a number of times of your intelligence modifier (minimum of once) per long rest.

Level 6:
Animal Kinship: Choose one of the following:
Thick Fur: You gain +1 AC and have advantage on survival checks against bitter cold.
Striking Talons: Your unarmed strikes are now 1d4. In addition, you have advantage on saving throws against being knocked prone and ability checks for climbing.
Unbound Senses: You gain advantage on perception checks that require smell or hearing and advantage on saving throws against illusions.

Level 10:
Druidic Lore: You learn Druidic and may choose two spells from the Druid spell list for which you have spell slots to learn (not cantrips).

Level 14
Second Skin:
If you cast the spell Polymorph or True Polymorph, you may swap between your polymorphed form and your regular form with an action for as long as the spell remains in effect and concentration is not broken if it is required.

Grizl' Bjorn
2017-04-23, 02:43 PM
I love the concept of the Lycomancer (wizarddruid is appealing) but would like to see it have MUCH more oomph. Compared to existing PHB and UA stuff it's much weaker.

2017-07-20, 02:10 PM
Monk Subclass: Ki Champion

Path to Power: Starting from when you adopt this discipline at 3rd Level, you may perform the following abilities.

Path of Many Bodies: Whether by moving at speeds terrible to contemplate or by creating hollow clones via Ki, you combine offence and defence with deadly results. You may spend 3 Ki points to cast the spell Mirror Image, with the additional bonus of adding +1 attack to your Flurry of Blows per image remaining.

Path of the Demonís Fist: Pushing your body to its utmost limit, you make your confrontation with your opponent utterly lethal. You may spend 2 Ki points to enter a rage that lasts 10 minutes. During this rage your unarmed strikes hit gain a damage bonus equal to a third of your monk level rounded up. However every time you miss with an unarmed attack you take your concentration modifier in Necrotic damage, to a minimum of 1.

Path of the Iron Body: Toughening up your muscles beyond what many would consider possible, you prepare a devastating counteroffensive for after your opponent has finished attacking. You may spend 1 Ki point as a reaction to cast the spell Absorb Elements. However, unlike how the spell Absorb Elements works, this may be done in reaction to any type of damage, and the bonus damage is of that type.

Sense Power: At 6th level, your ceaseless training with ki has granted you abilities beyond that of merely the body. You gain the message cantrip. In addition, as a bonus action on your turn you may try to sense a creature within 40 feetís remaining spell slots, remaining Ki points or if they have a charge ability (like Dragonís breath) charged. You may only sense for one of these attributes at a time; the target, if aware of you may resist with a Wisdom saving throw against (8+Wis modifier+proficiency).

Prodigious Appetite: At 11th level your long dedication to clean living has boosted your bodyís natural restorative properties. If at a short rest you eat a meal that is worth at least ten silver pieces, you double any healing gained from expending hit die.

Hurricane Combination: At 17th level your strikes can be delivered with such speed that they defy logic, whether by driving yourself forward with rage, achieving a state of enlightenment or even temporarily growing extra arms via Ki. By spending 3 Ki points, you may launch an unarmed attack of 3 seperate strikes; if you hit with the last one, you may perform another, and if you hit with that one, another, until you miss or choose to stop.

Sariel Vailo
2017-07-20, 02:39 PM
Thanks spell breaker. My brother wanted a bio alchemist like that