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2017-04-19, 01:37 PM
Free form "system", so don't worry about mechanics. The setting is desert-based, with elves being the ruling class, living in giant, gilded pyramids. Everyone else, unless highly useful to elves, is just kinda poop out of luck.

There are Iron Sand Storms as well-magical buildups of a material similar to iron, that is incredibly valuable. Of course, it sometimes creates storms that are effectively bullets going through everything...

Outside that, the setting (so far) is pretty much high fantasy, with a little bit of magitech.

Any ideas what'd make a cool character?

2017-04-19, 03:19 PM
I am going to say a human paladin. First the focus would be why would he/she be there in the first place? The second would be how the character would adapt to the desert-based environment. My view of the righteous holy warrior is they are decked out in full plate mail armor with a mighty warhorse equally decked out :)

In the desert-based environment I guess they could have a war camel and lighter armor. At any rate I think that would lead to some good role-playing.

2017-04-25, 05:54 AM
The underdog: this covers several types
- some poor thing that was in favour but fell out of favour with the system due to crime, politics, birth, family dishonour...
- anything not an elf
- half-elf struggling in the lower classes
- an elf with a job that is looked down upon: if elves here are high magic, perhaps an engineer that is reviled because he "doesn't trust the old ways" or the other way around of course
- the town fool, the best characters are always nutjobs

The shade:
- thief
- assassin
- general low-life person

the noble:
- captain of the city guard
- member of military elite, royal guard, etc.
- politician that fought to get there
- court magician
- scholar
- priest

and then there is of course the un-city person: the nomad

Hope this gave you some ideas! Have fun!

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2017-04-25, 08:34 AM
The black sheep from a very important elf family, promoted out of the way to where he can do the least harm. He's technically the ruler of a very impressive stretch of land, but the land is mostly empty desert and all the ruling is done by his right hand man, an older uncle twice removed, appointed by his father.

But this guy has no care in the world, he spends his days living it up at his desert tent palace, repossessing and riding the regions highly priced camels and seducing ladies in the most power mad way you can think of that doesn't morally speaking come down to rape. Until one day he stumbles in on a meeting about something really bad. They're selling orphans of as slaves. He objects heavily, says he'll use his power as ruler to stop it, but it turns out he already signed the order. It was in last weeks "sign here please" stack.

His uncle has him arrested, but it turns out tents are not that hard to escape from. On the outside, the young man now owning nothing but a single stolen camel and a pretty face he can't show out of fear of his uncle coming after him has to deal with how normal people live and how useless he's been all this time. But he's not sitting down to mope about it. **** just got real. He needs to get to greener pastures, and find a way to return with reinforcements. "Those orphans will be saved, or my name is not His Highness Prince Abkaziel the Magnificent from the House of Lotho-FathariŽn! Hut, hut, hut!"