View Full Version : D&D 5e/Next Help Me Create Monk Archetype Based On "Vox" from Vainglory

2017-04-20, 05:36 PM
I wanted to create a class that was based off of the hero "Vox" from VainGlory, but then I decided to make it an archetype for the Monk class. This is going to make the Monk a ranged character, much like the Way of the Sun Soul monk. I only have the first archetype feature figured out and I can't quite come up with what the other ones will be as trying to convert abilities from a video game to a tabletop game like D&D is pretty hard, so I could use a bit of help with coming up with the other ones.. I was thinking of having Vox's ultimate be the archetype's 17th level feature that deals 10d10 damage and creatures hit become deafened and/or stunned for 1 round on a failed save and half damage and no condition effects on a successful save. Although I do not know if it will be a balanced decision. I also had an idea to alter sound within 60 feet of him, like mimic someone's voice, or make it sound like there are footsteps down a hallway even though no one is there, or giving himself or one other person advantage on stealth checks that have to do with sound. Even if you have never played VainGlory and don't know Vox's mechanics, you could help me determine the balance changes I need to make to make this archetype playable in a campaign.

Please reply with any changes I should make if it seems unbalanced. I will be sure to make any recommended changes to the archetype

Way of the Sound

Starting when you choose this tradition at 3rd level, you master the art of sound itself. Your melee attacks now become ranged attacks with a range of 60 feet that deal damage equal to your martial arts die+your damage modifier. Whenever you hit an enemy with an attack, the target must succeed a Wisdom saving throw (DC=8+WIS mod+proficiency bonus) or become Resonant. Whenever you hit an enemy that is Resonant, your attacks bounce off of the initial target and hit up to two other targets within 20 feet of the initial target and are dealt damage equal to your martial arts die without adding your damage modifier (The initial target does not take the extra damage). If a new target is hit by an attack that bounces off the initial Resonant target, then the target(s) must make a wisdom saving throw or become Resonant. The effect of Resonance lasts for 1 minute and is refreshed whenever a target fails a wisdom saving throw.

Again, please help me in coming up with the rest of the archetype features needed to make this as close to Vox as possible and thank you for your help.