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2017-05-03, 08:38 AM
Greetings playgrounders! We have had some great music-sharing threads now and again, and I'm hoping to once again draw on the collective knowledge of you all.
I'm searching for some choir (preferably a capella) music in a language that's neither English, German or Danish (because my players would be listening to the lyrics, and I don't want them to). I need this for the PCs' first encounter with a clan of hobgoblins with an unusual culture, which is much more spiritually and aesthetically inclined than most. I'd like for the very first thing they know of them, before they even see one, is that they sing together, and beautifully.
If you have some really great examples from one of the mentioned languages, do go ahead and tell us anyway. Couldn't hurt. :smallsmile:

Thanks in advance!

2017-05-03, 07:19 PM
Gregorian chants (https://youtu.be/W-hrBhA4XkM)

Fair warning that a lot of TTRPGers from Scandinavian countries would be likely to recognize this as Medieval Latin church music, which could break the immersion.

2017-05-03, 09:23 PM
Or you could maybe find Esperanto chants in youtube, because I assume not that many people are fluent in Esperanto in your group :smallbiggrin:

Lvl 2 Expert
2017-05-04, 12:24 AM
The first thing to pop into my mind is that Brother Bear had some sort of spirit song I think, in an Inuit language, performed by a (womens) choir. But it's better if you've got something they almost certainly won't recognize.

Maybe something like Tibetan chants? Well known enough to be widely searchable, maybe unknown enough to the players that they can't place the style?

Another thing that can sound pretty cool for something like this is slowing down a musical piece. A lot. I used Within Temptations Ice Queen last time I needed "meditation music". It did not sound a capella, it did sound weird.

Mister Tom
2017-05-04, 01:30 AM
A Capella (https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BRfF7W4El60) you say? (https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YKkLXZouMcg)

2017-05-04, 04:50 AM
Thank you all much for the thoughts and suggestions. I'll probably go with a Tibetan Morning Chant (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4PkLg_2clI) from about 6 minutes in. If the players are a little jumpy, it should have the capacity to sound ominous to them. I've tried playing it at various speeds, and perhaps a slightly faster version will make some sense. But I'll decide in the moment.
I agree that a Gregorian chant would be great, except, as was said, that they are likely to be recognized immediately for what they are by a majority of the players. Though I don't think any would understand more than a line or two of the lyrics. Still, 'dona eis requiem' ought to ring some (church?) bells, at least.

Thanks again, and if anyone wants to keep making suggestions, I'd be all for that. :smallsmile:

Kol Korran
2017-05-04, 08:11 AM
I remember I once sought the same. I'll check later timber what I used...
But IIRC, Two Steps from Hell have a playlist of all choir music...

2017-05-04, 09:33 AM
I remember I once sought the same. I'll check later timber what I used...
But IIRC, Two Steps from Hell have a playlist of all choir music...

Sounds good. My session starts in an hour and a half, so probably I won't have time to check it out before that, but I'm interested nevertheless.