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Grizl' Bjorn
2017-05-16, 05:16 PM
This is the second version of the Mystic Tracker Rogue Archetype formerly known as the Primal Scout, as amended with excellent advice given on Reddit UA. I honestly didn't expect the brew to work out. It comes dangerously close to stepping on the Rangers toes, and was thrown together in minutes on a whim. ...Yet oddly enough, and at the risk of sounding like a tosser, I find myself quite fond of it. All comments, especially criticism, are encouraged!

The mystic tracker is a druidís mean cousin. While the druid marvels at natureís beauty, the mystic tracker makes the swift strikes in the night necessary to keep her or his tribe and its lands alive and well. Few, even among druids, can match a mystic trackerís intuitive understanding of the land and its rhythms- or their clever and sometimes brutal defence of it.

You must have proficiencies in at least one of survival or nature to adopt this archetype.

At level 3 You gain the wild-shape feature which you may use once per rest. It functions as the druidís class feature of the same name except as stated here. You must select one form with a challenge rating of zero when you choose this archetype, it may not have a flying or swimming speed- this is the only form you can transform into using your wildshape ability. Possible forms include, but are not limited to: mice, small non-poisonous snakes, rabbits, flightless parrots, badgers etc. You acquire one additional form at levels 9 and 13. The form you acquire at level 9 may have a swimming speed, and the form you acquire at level 13 may have a swimming speed or a flying speed. Both additional forms must have a challenge rating of zero.

Beginning at level 3 You have cantrips known, spells known and spell slots as an arcane trickster, though without the special restrictions based on schools of magic applied to that archetype. Your cantrips and spells are drawn from the druid list. Your casting attribute for these spells is wisdom. Your spell attack modifier and save DC is calculated in the normal way. You may cast a druid spell as a ritual if you know it and it has the ritual tag.

At level 9 you learn find familiar as a spell. Any familiar you create through find familiar has the beast subtype instead of the celestial, fey or fiend subtypes.

At level 13 you may use the spell Commune With Nature once per long rest.

At level 17 you are always under the effect of a Speak with Animals and Speak with Plants spell.

Grizl' Bjorn
2017-05-16, 05:44 PM
And here's a Google Doc if you prefer that format or would rather add comments on that.