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2017-05-22, 08:34 AM
To make a long story short; Though it isn't 'official', under 5e there is a Mystic class. You can check it out right here (http://dnd.wizards.com/articles/unearthed-arcana/mystic-class). While looking over it, for some reason I couldn't help but think about Realms of Chaos's True Xenotheurgist (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?122103-Xenotheurgy-Far-Realms-magic-system) class, and that the mystic's set up could be a great mechanism by which to bring Xenotheurgy into 5e. It has been a while but I've decided to actually set into this idea by making the Order of the Xenotheurge. It is a WiP, clearly, but I have hopes for it.

Mystics devoted to the order of the Xenotheurge seek to tap into the potential of the far realm. By wielding madness incarnate, Xenotheurges are capable of using a wide assortment of abilities often attributed to other orders, but always twisted in some horrific fashion. A xenotheurge utilizing bestial claws may manifest raking spires of blood from their fingertips, bone talons, tentacles coated in claws, or some similarly uncanny means.

Bonus Disciplines
At 1st level, you learn two additional psionic discilines of your choice. They must take the form of Murmur.

Xenotheurgy Discipline

You tap into the far realm, gaining an assortment of malign and often seemingly unrelated abilities.
-Psychic Focus. You gain the Psychic Focus of a single other Discipline. While utilizing this focus, your Charisma score is treated as 2 points lower for the purpose of Skill Checks except for Intimidation.
-Breaches. You acquire 3 abilities from up to 3 different disciplines. These do not need to be related but they cannot be disciplines you have already previously acquired. These abilities may be hand selected or randomly determined, at the whim of your DM.
-Disturbance. Upon selecting this discipline, you acquire a disturbance. Disturbances are passive effects that have no direct mechanical benefits or penalties but effect the world around you. These effects may be noticed by an outside observer with a Perception Check (DC 20 - 1 per disturbance active). The effect of these disturbances can range anywhere from a subtle shift in how hot or cold things are, to distortion in colors, odd ambient sensations or emotions, minor warping of how things appear, ect. The method of determining these, similar to your breaches, are at the whim of your DM.
-Special. Unlike most Psionic Disciplines, Incursion Disciple may be selected multiple times, ever increasing the abilities.