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2017-05-23, 02:57 PM
Hello friends!

One of my adventuring party is a Tabaxi who is verrry interested in shiny interesting things and doesn't care if those things have any actual value. He has a tendency to pocket things that strike his fancy. The party is staying in the house of an old Noble who has met an untimely end and our Tabaxi has taken some time to explore and look for interesting objects. Any thoughts on what he might find? For context, the Noble was interested in conspiracies and cartography, and world history as well. He had no magic items in his house at the time of his death, but diid have a friend who was a wizard, one of his few remaining friends. He once had a lively househould with family and staff, though they've all died or left over the years.

Thanks for the help!

2017-05-23, 03:01 PM
Silver cameos of all his beloved family members. One is cursed.

2017-05-23, 04:21 PM
Silverware with elaborate etching.


Lockets with tiny paintings of family or lovers.

Beautiful ivory pipe.

Silver snuff box.


A geode.

Hunting trophies.


Paintings of old white guys.

The horn of a celestial unicorn.

A ring of keys.

A monacl.

Stuffed dogs.

A hidden will and testament.

Deeds to land.

Patents of nobility.

The family seal.

Old letters.

Nesting dolls.

Effigies for a small shrine.

Religious charms.

Vials of poison.

Fine clothing.


Fine rugs.

Quills and ink.

Signet ring...

Grim Portent
2017-05-23, 05:14 PM
The obvious jewelry.

War mementos.

An ancient undead family member chained up in the wine cellar.

Fancy dinnerware.

An array of fine clothes of various sizes collected over the years by the noble's family.

Broken or worn out magical trinkets.

Small homunculi left behind by the wizard friend's experiments and party tricks, still running around like mice that do tricks or small tasks for food rather than just stealing it.

Letters from various fellow conspiracy theorist scholars and nobles.

Ledgers and notebooks detailing supposed conspiracies and the evidence for them.

Astronomy gear, a map room.

Building on the conspiracy/cartography thing. How about he has a library/map room, of the sort you'd expect a noble to have. Bookcases, maps, scroll racks and display stands with items of historical or family significance, with one corner partially walled off by shelves to form an office of sorts. On the surface it is completely normal, but there is a secret panel in the wall to the side of it containing his notes on conspiracies, lost treasures and their possible locations, foul secrets better left unexplored and various bits of historical trivia generally not considered acceptable in polite company, like stuff detailing how the great-great grandfather of the current king was probably a bastard and things of that nature.

2017-05-25, 01:04 AM
a map marked woth possible locations of the local equivakent of Area 51

2017-05-25, 03:11 AM
An ancient undead family member chained up in the wine cellar.

Sounds like the start of a Hellsing spinoff :smalltongue:

2017-05-25, 05:43 AM
There's a large, ornate gold lamp placed on a pedestal; while not enchanted, it certainly looks like it could have been used to contain a djinn at one period of time. Perhaps checking the noble's family tree might reveal if the lamp was once the home of some distant relation.

There's some old pelts of various exotic creatures that were preserved by the wizard; strange chimerical beasts, mixes of man and animal, and more are present in the cellers.

Speaking of the cellers, there's a rather massive collection of exotic alcoholic drinks present in what would normally be the wine cellers, up to and including wines made from fruits that the PC's would have never heard of, along with dozens of stale potions of unknown function and origin that could possibly be studied.

There's a room in the basement that contains the noble's own personal study chamber when it came to deciphering the actual relationship the stars had in the context of the rise and fall of nations. A combination of a elaborate display of the known cosmos, a wall covered in string and sketched photographs and pages torn out of old books, and half-legible screeds about the possibility of creatures of the lower planes infiltrating the kingdom's royal family through means that would be dubious to any with actual knowledge of fiends.

2017-05-25, 07:31 PM
What campaign setting is this in?