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2017-06-12, 02:34 AM
DISCLAIMER If you're one of my players do not look at those spoiler tags, shame on you if you do!

Hello! I'm Ronnie and I've decided to start the conquest to design myself a world of Pokemon for my friends to jump into! In this forum I will be keeping track of my campaign and will do my best to update is as the world progresses. If you have any questions go ahead and ask away! Any suggestions are appreciated, too!

http://img01.deviantart.net/7e27/i/2017/162/9/2/pokemon_tabletop_adventures__adventure_map_v1_by_n iiohontesha-dbcexp9.png

World Timeline
50 years ago: Cipher (Evil team) comes to World B with their dimension hopping Pokemon (Hoopa)
40 years ago: Cipher sees Giratina and Arceus fighting in the sky and decide to interfere. They turn the tides of this war and the battle ends with Giratina posessing Arceus and escaping into the world.
35 years ago: Cipher spends the next 20 years casually kidnapping people and places from World A and attempting to design a new form of Shadow Pokemon. They eventually run into these strange Black pokemon with Glowing eyes. They name them Void Pokemon and change their research from Shadow Pokemon over to these Void Pokemon.
30 years ago: They eventually discover that these Void Pokemon can create other Void Pokemon by fainting other pokemon. Their preys weakened life force allows them to become corrupted. Cipher still doesn't know how or why these Pokemon are appearing but they're discovering that these Void Pokemon are more powerful than their regular counterparts.
25 years ago: They discover that humans can become Void version of themselves if they are fainted by a Void creature. New rules are put into place and the city is put on lockdown. Precautions are heavily utilized when dealing with Void Pokemon.
20 years ago: They make a breakthrough and create machinary that allow them to 100% control Void Pokemon. They still don't know why they exist.
10 years ago: First wave of calculated attacks from Void Pokemon against the city. They see Giratina for the first time in 40 years and realize that the Void Pokemon obey it precisely.
Current day: Hasn’t since seen the Giratina, however Void Pokemon attacks are still frequent. Cipher has troops of trainers bent on Void Pokemon capture and defense of trainers. Using a Void Pokemon in battle is now against the law, however Cipher still tests on them.

Notes: In my homebrew I've designed Arceus and Giratina as counterparts, they're each others opposites and thus a balance is formed, however when Cipher disturbed their battle and turned the tides in Giratina's favour Giratina decided to thank the humans as kindly as he can... By destroying the dimension. He wants to turn it into an extension of his Reverse World and is using the power of Arceus combined with his own to create Void Pokemon: Pokemon who have lost all sense of self and attack viciously to spread their corruption.

• Hunter • Martial Artist •
Lil' Scrapper the Lucario, Chance the Mutant Eevee, Egg Salad the Happiny & Slowpoke
I allowed this player to choose the profession of Police Officer and outfitted them with gear fitting with the position. They have contacts, they have authority and they're a seasoned trainer.
Their story is that they initially had a powerful Lucario, however he passed away in a horrible accident that ruined his marriage.
•Enduring Soul • Rogue •
Spud the Scrafty, Shell the Chansey, Buddy the Tympole, Shuppet
This player is an ex Rocket grunt who I allowed the backstory of having stolen a **** ton of money from Team Rocket and quit before anyone realized. He's been on the run ever since. He got to start with 50 million pokedollars and like a good little player only spent it on what sort of things he felt he needed or that his character would be carrying at the time of the start of my campaign. He hates Team Rocket because they mistreated him and holds a grudge to this day.
• Channeler • Oracle •
Silva the Petilil, Koda the Noibat, Lupin the Mightyena, Dredel the Baltoy, Bounce the Azumarill, Jazz the Combee
Cedric is a detective and is partners with Parcifal. He's a pot smoking channeler whose Pokemon is capable of generating "Herbs" for him. He didn't start with as much money as Parcifal or Desmond did but started with a fair amount as well as some connections to other detectives and some authority.
• Warper •
Abed the Kadabra, Master Splinter the Rattata, ??? The Gliscore
Mark is an interesting character in that he was raised as a carny by his abusive alcaholic father and his meth addict mother. They lived together in a trailer and after some time of being abused he decided he didn't have to take it any more, locked his parents in the trailer, teleported out and lit it on fire. He stole his father's Abra and has a close family-like bond with it. He started with 100 Pokedollars to his name and used it at the beginning to buy pokesnacks for his Abra.
• Jailbreaker • Apothocary •
Voltorb the Voltorb, Magnemite the Magnemite, Geodude the Geodude & Tynamo the Tynamo
I love Koyla. It's a really cool name. Aside from that he's an ex Skull grunt and so he knows Desmond from an evil guys convention they both participated in a number of years ago. He started with a small amount of funds because his only income was working a Pokecenter back home. He traveled to Johto in search of Kurt because he wants to become a fabulous Pokeball crafter and knows Kurt's the best of the best - sadly when he gets there he finds out Kurt's missing... In fact, so is Azalea town. Oh the mystery.

Desmond and Koyla begin in the alleyway beside a Pokéconvenience store, they’re old buddies from the respective groups: Team Rocket and Team Skull who are meeting up for the first time in ages to catch up. As they’re talking a man steps out of the shadows, it’s none other than Rodney, Desmond’s old “pal” during his time in Team Rocket. Rodney is angry at Desmond for stealing his girlfriend! And also kind of peeved that he stole a **** ton of money. He begins battle with his genetically altered Eevee and two Ekans.
Capable of evolving into any its evolutions during the trainers turn with the help of a special bracelet designed specifically for it. It’s loyalty 1 and so Rodney needs to intimidate (kick it) in order for it to start battling. This Eevee has 6 Eevee moves with an additional slot for one of the seven moves I gave it for each evolution, in short it has access to 7 moves rather than 6.
The battle begins and due to my making Rodney’s Pokemon level 10 vs Koyla and Desmond’s level 5’s Rodney is wiping the floor with them. The officer Parcifal and his detective partner Cedric overhear some sort of commotion going on outside of the convenience store (to which they’d conveniently stopped at for some snackage) and decide to go out and assist. Mark the felon sees an officer whom he recognizes as the one who jailed him a number of years ago and hastily teleports out of the building (After, of course, stealing snackage of his own.)
The officer, detective, and two ex grunts are all in the alleyway, felon is behind it munching on some snacks. Now is the best time to spring my plot device, I decided. Before the felon leaves the scene entirely, that is. A magnificent ring materializes above the group and begins to carve out chunks of the ground, it moves so quickly that no one can dodge out of the way and takes out quite a bit of the convenience store on its way to snag the felon, too. Everyone wakes up on the top of a small mountain, confused and disorientated. Desmond notices an arm sticking out of the rubble, it has a bracelet on it. It’s Rodney. No one checks his pulse, they just assume he’s dead and steal the bracelet. He’s totally coming back later.

Eevee wakes up and is confused, Cedric the detective channeler channels it and tries to say “Yo we’re friends” but Eevee isn’t having any of it and dashes off into a cave entrance it sees in order to escape the people – now that it realizes it’s free. Party all organize themselves, none of them realize the portal literally stole a chunk of the convenience store despite my mentioning so, so none of them cannibalize the **** tons of rations I literally left at their doorstep… hahaha sucks to be them.

None of the people introduce themselves to eachother. They all just follow the lead of Cedric who whips out his flashlight and begins to walk down the cave so that they can with luck get off of the mountain. He sees a fossil in the wall and rather than using channeler powers to see if this would be a good idea – grabs the fossil and pulls it out revealing three angry Geodude who don’t want none of their sass. The battle is won and Koyla captured a particularly Jolly Geodude.

They continue onward, find a random Dusk Stone I left in the ceiling (They used Geodude to levitate and grab it) and eventually find their way to the bottom of the tunnel. They hear whispering up ahead and round the corner to see ten Whismur and the Eevee battling three of them. The other seven are all struggling with a rockslide that looks to have sealed off the exit. Cedric’s expert eyes rolled just high enough to notice a Noibat trapped in the rubble of the rocks, it looks hurt and is struggling to get out.

Parcifal sees the Eevee and in quick thinking decides to intimidate the Whismur into leaving it alone. He does a very good job at this. The Whismur all begin to cry and he quickly runs to Eevee so that he can help it. The Eevee wants none of it and tries to attack him. He attempts to grapple the poor terrorized thing and fails. The Eevee cannot escape because it’s at the end of a blocked tunnel. It attacks again, he grapples again and succeeds. He then begins to shove a Pokéball in it’s face while yelling “LOVE ME DAMMIT” and catches it. Needless to say this Eevee is starting at 0 Loyalty. I love it though. After this is said and done Cedric tosses a Pokéball at the Noibat and catches it first try, it’s thankful to have been saved and rather likes him.

Together as a group they all clear out the rocks and the Whismur (Still crying) run off. Upon getting out they see a dilapidated PokéCenter and go to check it out. They all rush to see what’s inside and I urge them that it looks rickety and dangerous. Most of them go inside anyways. They see a Healing machine and I tell them it looks like it could still work but a piece of the roof has fallen onto it and is preventing it from turning on. Parcifal and Desmond both roll dice immediately to remove the rubble and I kick myself for not penalizing them for that because Parcifal rolled really low and initially I’d planned for the roof to begin to collapse if they couldn’t remove the rubble properly. Oh well, chance lost. They remove it by the grace of Desmond’s roll and are happy with the find – as well as a dozen healing items scattered on the floor.

They leave the PokéCenter and begin to walk, they have a choice between heading down a path going into a large forest or towards a town they’d seen from atop the mountain. They of course head to the town, along the way Mark attempts to catch a Rattata but knocks it out. He carries its unconscious body with him for a while so that he can catch it when it wakes up. I’ve homeruled that if you attempt to catch a fainted Pokémon that you kill it. Anyways, on the road again they eventually make it to the town and by George who would have thunk it, it’s Azalea town! They recognize something for the first time since being on the mountain. The whole place is in ruins, though.

They walk in and hear some yelling, they all overhear Kurt’s name and rush in to help. It’s three goons aggressing the poor old man’s door trying to get him to give them all of his rare **** or else. The party takes initiative and attacks them – knocking one straight out on the first turn (Parcifal is dangerous) A battle continues and hilarity pursues. They knock two goons out no problem but the third guy? Goon 3 had leapt onto his motorcycle and started it yet hadn’t left yet… Desmond snuck around to get the drop on him from around the bend and walks around, pulls a knife to Goon 3’s neck and tells him not to move. Next turn Parcifal decides to attempt to taze the poor goon and rolls a Nat 1. Accidentally tazes Desmond. Desmond accidentally slits Goon 3’s throat. Parcifal asks Goon 3 if he’ll turn himself in – he’s scared ****less and says yes but on his turn motors it away. He would have escaped, too… if it weren’t for the fact that he had the confused condition and crashed shortly after leaving.

The party decided to pull the three goons together and bury them in the earth (since they had no rope) and go to see Kurt. Kurt gives them food, gives them thanks and shows them their first bit of plot hook. He shows them what appears to be a Shadow Pokémon he’d captured and also tells them that the Combee in the forest refuse to let him in… He can’t see what remains of Celebi’s shrine and is too unprepared to fight all those Pokemon. They all eat some roasted Grumpig and sit by a campfire for a bit before finding a place to sleep inside Kurt’s broken up home, the session ended on this note having blown through 99% of the stuff I had prepared.
It’s approximately 4 in the morning in-game and everyone except the 420 Detective stir enough to notice the muffled screams coming from outside. He wakes everyone up and they all venture outdoors to see what it is that’s in need of help. Koyla lights up his Voltorb and Cedric (420 Detective) turns on his flashlight. They see the three goons they’d buried in the ground and suddenly remember “Oh **** we left them totally defenseless last night”. Two of them are dead (Guy on left and guy on right, guy in middle is screaming for help. He’s the same guy who’s throat they slashed previously.) There are two high level Mightyena munching on their skulls and the middle dudes pleading for help. Thankfully my party is feeling merciful and decide to assist. The battle goes as well as it could until Parcifal walks up in front of screaming/pleading dude and uses double kick. He asks if he can double kick both mightyena – 1 kick per. I allow it because they’re close enough to each other. He rolls a nat 1 to hit mightyena 1 so I make him roll again to see if he hit screaming goon… he rolls a nat 20. After some complaining and pleading Parcifal’s player convinces me not to outright kill the dude because he honestly didn’t mean to kick him and he shouldn’t be capable of criting him… I’m too nice for my own good and allow it. So the goon’s now unconscious with a black eye and broken nose from taking a police boot directly to the schnauzer.

Cedric captures a Mightyena and I make note of the Mightyena’s taste for human and unnatural cruelty. The party unburies him and to their delight they realize that the goon they’d knocked unconscious cannot move his limbs. Parcifal paralyzed him and there’s no amount of paralyze heal that can return him to normal (though I do plan that later on he may recover.) They put gravel on top of the other goons instead of burying them deeper out of laziness. Kurt is mortified and half kind of understands that **** happens but… thinks these people are crazy. Goon stays with Kurt and the party confiscates the motorcycles so that they can get around faster because obviously the last living goon won’t be needing it.

Party travels back to the initial mountain and goes into the dilapidated Pokemon Center and heals their Pokemon. They then decide to go up the mountain face and try to scavenge for any food that may have been brought along with them since a corner store was destroyed as they were transported here. They go up and on their way see a Gliscore, Mark is enthralled by it but is also scared of it and lacks pokeballs so he decides to leave it alone. They get to the top of the mountain through the cave and find some pokeballs. Mark is suddenly filled with the determination to catch the Gliscore and so runs down to go snag it. Due to it being day time the Pokemon is sleeping while hanging from the ceiling, Cedric uses Koda the Noibat to confuse it and he tosses a pokeball. The catchrate was 30. He rolled 30. They eventually go to sleep at the Pokecenter and the next morning they opt to go back to Azalea town and search through the rubble for anything they can salvage.

So they spend an hour IRL making rolls and searching for pokemon and battling. Parcifal catches a Happiny and Slowpoke, Desmond catches a Chansey, Tympole, and Shuppet, Cedric catches a Mightyena, Baltoy, Azurill, and a male Combee, Mark catches that Gliscore, and Koyla catches a Tynamo. I had so much planned for the game. I had so many quests laid out and the only one they got through was “Save goon from being eaten because you forgot him outside”.

The Devil defeated a God and absorbed him into himself. With this amalgamation came the destruction of light and the scattering of the 18 typed plates. The Devil needs to recover each plate in order to grow to power. With the power he gained from absorbing God he began corrupting Pokemon into Void versions of themselves. He's working together with an evil organization who he's fooled into believing he wishes to help, into creating a powerful machine that amplifies his power. He tells them it will create more powerful Void Pokemon... But really it will turn everyone... everything into one.

TLDR... Giratina defeated and absorbed Arceus' power. Arceus' plates scattered and Giratina needs all the plates and a special machine in order to pull off his Doomsday plan.

A special Beedrill that belongs to a colony of Combee. It's a little more powerful than usual and knows some of Vespiquen's order moves.

2017-06-13, 02:41 PM
Big Teej made this first, I'm simply sharing a slightly edited version of his Trickster updates here so that I can keep track of it.

Trickster Rewrite V1.1

Prerequisites: Novice Guile
Spend 1 AP – Standard Action
Effect: Your Pokemon’s next Status Class Move Automatically hits.

And Then Some
Static, [Ranked 4]
Rank 1 Prerequisites: Trickster, Adept Guile
Rank 2 Prerequisites: Expert Guile
Rank 3 Prerequisites: Master Guile
Effect: Pick 4 Types, your pokemon’s moves of those types that do not have an Effect gain a status effect with an effect range of 18+. The Status effect is determined by the type of the Move, consult the table below. Moves given a Status effect by this feature, DO NOT COUNT for the purposes of activating ANYTHING. Each rank you take in this feature allows you to pick 4 additional types.

Status Condition



Gain tick of HP


Roll 1d4, 1 Paralyze, 2 Poison, 3 Sleep, 4 You choose


Resolve damage with lower Defense



Blinds Target



Activate Stealth Rock

Disable one enemy move (Scene x1)

Lower targets Attack 1 combat stage


Raise Defense or Attack +1 Combat Stage


Bag Of Tricks
Static, [Ranked 3]
Rank 1 Prerequisites: Trickster, Adept Guile
Rank 2 Prerequisites: Expert Guile
Rank 3 Prerequisites: Master Guile
Effect: Pick 1 Move and 1 Ability off the list below, you may tutor these moves and abilities onto your pokemon for 2 tutor points, regardless of if the pokemon could normally acquire the Move/Ability.





Sucker Punch



Perish Song
Bad Dreams

Pain Split
Cursed Body

Effect Spore


Parting Shot

Beat Up
Magic Bounce


Trick Room

Salt in the Wound
Prerequisites: Master Guile, And Then Some Rank 2, Bag of Tricks Rank 2
Shift Action – 2 AP
Effect: The next time your pokemon hits with a Status class move, the target loses a tick of HP

Severe Infliction
Prerequisites: Master Guile, And Then Some Rank 2, Back of Tricks Rank 2
Shift Action - 5 AP
Effect: On inflicting a status effect you can call Salt in the Wound and instead inflict a severe status effect


Badly Flinched
Instead of flinching 1 turn, target flinches until DC 10 save

Badly Burnt
Target's Defense and Attack are both lowered by 3 combat stages and target loses a tick of HP at the beginning of each turn

Badly Paralyzed
Speed is lowered by 6 combat stages and target must succeed DC 10 or be paralyzed

Badly Frozen
At the end of each turn the target makes a DC 16 to become cured else cannot move. Each turn target is frozen they lose a tick of HP. If hit by a damaging Fire, Fighting, Rock, or Steel attack they are immediately cured. If sunny gain +4 bonus to roll, if hailing gain -2 penalty to roll.

Badly Poisoned
The target's Special Defense is lowered by 2 combat stages. Target loses 5, then 10, 20, 40 hp each turn while badly poisoned.

Badly Confused
At the beginning of the target's turn: 1-12 hurt themselves, 13-18 may act normally, 19-20 are cured.
Target hurts themselves with a typeless struggle attack (DB 4)

Bad Sleep
At the end of your turn roll DC 18 to cure self of sleep else continue to slumber. Each time you roll to save from sleep lose a tick of HP.

Changed Water from Accuracy penalty to activating Aqua Ring.
Changed Flying from activating Defog to lowering accuracy.
Changed Rock from becoming 1 step more super effective each time used to activating Stealth Rock.
Changed Ghost from disabling 1 random move each time used to disabling one move of your choice once per scene.
Changed Dark from "Trapping a move" meaning the foe loses a tick of HP if they use that move to Flinching.
Changed Steel from gaining skill die of armor penetration to raising Defense or Attack 1 Combat Stage