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2017-06-13, 01:00 AM
DISCLAIMER If your name is Drake, Josh, Kyle, Jackson, or Tyler do not open this spoiler tag!
I trust you guys.

If your name just so happens to be one of those five and you’re not in my party though? Go right ahead xD
Fifty years ago what remained of Cipher crawled to the deepest regions of the world to hide and work on their experiments while hidden from the law. They made a miraculous catch and managed to lock down a powerful Hoopa which they began experimentation on. Eventually, once they’d obtained control of the unleashed form they tapped into its power and began playing with portals. They discovered that these portals could take them to alternate dimensions and began preparing to explore this new world.

Upon arriving they named the world Respite and began to build a base of operation. Shortly after setting up shop they discovered an Arceus and Giratina in the valleys as they battled against one another. Arceus warned the humans not to interfere but Giratina pleaded for the team to help. Cipher decided to interfere and this led to the overpowering of Arceus. Giratina’s body merged with the weakened Arceus, effectively taking control of it and gaining great power.

Cipher worked together with this ultimate Pokemon for some time as they began to work on a new and advanced Shadow Pokemon. They succeeded and coined the new improved Pokemon Void type Pokemon. These Pokemon’s hearts closed and gained a touch of the Reverse World in them, granting Giratina and anyone who held a Griseous shard power to control these beasts. What Giratina neglected to tell Cipher was that not only could this corruption be spread to those fainted by the beasts but humans could also be infected.

Through all of these advancements they continued to abuse Hoopa’s power, gradually bringing in more people, Pokemon and even landmarks and towns into this world. One such down was Azalea and the shrine to Celebi, which worries Cipher. The campaign begins where Celebi is being held by a special beam as Void Pokemon attack it and attempt to convert it. Giratina wouldn’t have any Pokemon have the ability to cure it’s minions.

Something unaware to the evil organization is that Giratina doesn’t just want to control the dimension, he wants to destroy it and make it an extension of his Reverse World. He’s playing Cipher by pretending to be part of their team while secretly spreading the corruption across the world and setting up his own plans until eventually Cipher finds out… and when they do, it will be too late.

I plan that the party will eventually have to face Giratina in battle and that upon defeating it… it’s body collapses into darkness and two eggs appear on the ground, one for a new Giratina and another for a new Arceus.

I plan that while Celebi has the ability to cure Void Pokemon but only if they are fainted and it has access to them. Since I’d like the party to rescue it, this Celebi will favour the party and may come at a time of need to rescue them in the future. As it is, the battle to save Celebi is an unnecessarily difficult one that Celebi may need to reverse the time (and injuries) of the party for them to accomplish, but I rather like that aspect so I’m happy with this.

The way I’m thinking of running Void Pokemon is that… when fainted by a void Pokemon I roll a d8 and if I roll higher higher than the loyalty of that pokemon it becomes corrupted.
Corruption can be cured by Celebi bringing its heart back to where it was when it was pure… or by the trainer doing something to bring the humanity in that Pokemon back. I probably won’t have any rolls regarding this effect and leave it to more of a roleplaying opportunity since my players are all good roleplayers but if you have any suggestions for the whole Void Pokemon infections please shoot ‘em by me.
So far the party has fought a team rocket grunt and stolen his mutated eevee, been teleported from Goldenrod to a small mountain in this dimension, captured said mutated eevee, fought and fainted a bunch of goons that were harassing Kurt in the Azalea town they found and now are on their way to the forest to try and find this shrine…

Right now they left a bunch of goons buried up to their shoulders in the dirt in a dilapidated town overnight so they’re all going to wake up (From their safe sleeping spot inside of Kurt’s home) to see two dead goons and one yelling for help as several Mightyena’s eat his friends. Ouch.
Later, when they get into the woods they’re going to be attacked by many Combee, turns out their queen Vespiquen has been corrupted into a Void Pokemon (Not sure if it should be by Cipher or Giratina) and there’s a Void human controlling a strange machine that’s keeping Celebi trapped while Vespiquen attacks it over and over. The party gets to interfere and save it – and if they fail some time voodoo will happen and they get another chance xD.
I plan on Celebi, once freed, turning the human and Vespiquen back to normal and then vanishing.
The human who was reverted is a woman named Megan who will tell the party that she doesn’t know what happened and that she only remembers going to sleep in her bed off in… Taceae Town due East from where they currently are. She says she’d really appreciate if they could take her back as she has no Pokemon of her own and appreciates the guide.
So… I’m currently in the process of trying to decide what to do for the rest of this second session… there’s the three day trek to get to Taceae town and I’m thinking of adding some ruins to the desert area. Perhaps Ruins of Alph got teleported in, there’s something to check out… Or even better what if there are ruins that tell of Arceus and Giratina’s great battle… Ooooh I really like that one. There you are – you just witnessed me have an idea.
I’m writing this all up so that you all can see my mind as I work through ideas and in the hopes that 1. My ideas can inspire you or 2. You can inspire me with your ideas.
Thanks for reading, looking forward to anyone brave enough to read this wall to respond to me. <3