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2017-06-13, 02:43 AM
Hi everyone,

I updated my witcher class with feedback I've gotten from various sources but I'm still looking for more feedback so if anyone can take a look and give me their 2 cents that will be much appreciated.


2017-06-13, 11:52 AM
Hey dude,

Quickly first a couple of formatting things.

Traditionally the archtype info comes last, so you should probably more the Witcher Schools to the end.
Also Spell DCs are traditionally 8+Prof+Mod not 10+Prof+Mod
The column on page 3 looks a bit off - might be my browser (I'm on Chrome)
Your concoction descriptions say 'Create' instead of Creatures - And you could possibly collapse some of them down into 1 description (e.g. when you make a concoction choose either Dragon, Fiend, Fey, Undead, Monster, or Beast. When you apply this oil to a weapon....etc etc etc)

Ok - So overview.

The main chassis looks fine with the blend between the Potions and Concoctions, though I think you could get away with following Witcher 3 and splitting between Potions, Concoctions and Oils....the options for potions seems a little limited and hitting up the wiki for ideas couldn't hurt. The Concoctions are mainly just Oils or poisons. With relatively limited Toxicity for OOC stuff, I reckon a broader set of options would feel a bit more exciting.

Signs look ok - Axii is a little awkward limited to just 1 word, especially as you only have access to suggestion at 7th level (a 2nd level spell at 7th) - could perhaps use a boost. Also, only Con Mod sign points feels a little restrictive - realistically you're looking at 2-3 points until the 3rd ASI unless you take a particular school. Considering there's not a clear outstanding combat path here compared to, say, an eldrich knight, it feels a tad flat to cast 2 signs per short rest. Could use a boost......

Potions - you don't clarify an action type to take one. I presume its a bonus action? As mentioned above the range could do with some expansion for me....
Concoctions - you don't clarify what you need to make the poisons, therefore you will always make for example, Scorpion Poison instead of Centipede or Spider Poison.....


Bear: Wow - 2HP per level is equivalent to a d14 HD! Largest in the game. Might knock out the balance a bit. Bear's Endurance feels restricted enough to 1 attack per turn, not needing the Con per SR limit - a Rogue can do this every turn for example, or a Barb every phys attack. Bear's Rage - Ho-Lee S&*%!!!!, Double HP and Enlarge.....A powerful Capstone for the Boss fights to be sure.....Balancing will require playtesting.

Cat: Mini backstab and evasion. Yeah I guess that follows, doesn't seem too unbalaced. Catlike Balance - Oooosh. Not going to be failing Stealth much and not being knocked down ever is seriously good. Capstone Looks decent - though tough MAD decision to really max it out.....

Griffin: Thematically nice but feels a tad underwhelming - picks up with Igni damage. The Capstone is seriously insane when coupled with Yrden - but probably worth it. Makes Quen spamming fun.

Viper: Woah - With Oils you're now Rolling Weapon + STR + 1d4 + 2d12 + INT mod to EVERY ATTACK for as long as you've got Oils?! That needs Flattening out a bit.

Wolf: Seems the most balanced, and I really like Jack of All Trades - However a wolf and GWF doesn't seem to match thematically.....TWF, yeah.

On the whole it's a pretty decent chassis and you've captured a lot of the Witcher feel without getting too complex, and schools as archetypes works lovely with what you've put down. I think a few more options, and a few more powers to make it feel "Special", but after that you're looking at just balancing and play-testing to get the number of points and bonus damage in line.

Decent stuff - will have to remember to check back in later....=0)

2017-06-13, 12:35 PM
Flat advantage on one hella useful skill and two moderately useful skills? Too much.

8+Prof+Stat mod, not 10. That gives you a 2 point higher DC than anyone else in a bounded accuracy system.

Bear's Hide is too much. Again, d14 hit die is way too powerful.

Bear's Endurance seems okay. It's more powerful than Uncanny Dodge, but more limited in use.

Bear's Rage is way too much. Doubles your HP, increases reach, extra damage... Honestly, it's really only the HP thing that's an issue. The rest is fine.

Pounce is Sneak Attack Lite. I'm a bit iffy giving that to this class, because it has a lot else going for it, but eh.

Evasion is fine.

Advantage on TWO MORE skills, both of which are highly useful? No. Thieves get advantage in ONE of those skills, if they move at half speed. Nerf that, hard.

Cat's Precision is too much. Champions get JUST 18-20 crits as a feature, and yours gives that and more.

HOLY CRAP! Griffin seemed okay, until you increased save DCs by 5! 5! Just to be clear, even if you drop the DC to 8+Prof+Stat mod, that's still DC 24! You need an 18 in the relevant stat to even have a CHANCE of passing!

Fine, fine...

Insightful Strike. Too powerful. An extra 3d8 damage on every attack is far too good-that's a level 2 smite on every attack, for basically free.

Overall, this class feels much too powerful. It's also arranged confusingly.

2017-06-14, 03:13 AM
Thanks for your feedback, already made some changes:
- General: Changed the layout and made sure everything fits on the pages
- Witcher senses: Broken up in 3 steps
- Bear's hide: Gives only 1 hit point iso 2 basicly giving the bear a hit die of 12 iso 10
- Bear's rage: Decreased the temporary hit points to half the total hit point
- Catlike balance: Removed the advantage on stealth checks and dexterity saving throws
- Sign weaver: Added that the bonus sign is the basic version. Decreased the DC bonus from 5 to 2
- Alchemical genius: Changed the damage from 2d12 to 3d4
- Insightful strike: Changed the DC to 10 + half the CR of the monster. Decreased the damage from 1d8 to 1d4
- Signs: Decreased the save DC from 10 to 8 + proficiency bonus + intelligence modifier
- Yrden: Changed the basic version to acts as the slow spell for affected creatures
- Concoctions: Added ingredients
- Oils: Rewrote the oils part completely to make it more simpler

2017-06-14, 08:19 AM
- Sign weaver: Added that the bonus sign is the basic version. Decreased the DC bonus from 5 to 2

Won't address anything else for the moment. This is STILL too powerful. This lets you, with relative ease, hit DC 21-in other words, literally impossible without a saving throw bonus. I would not give ANY bonus to your Sign save DC. My advice is to make a new feature.

2017-06-19, 05:14 AM
I don't believe that at that level it's such a problem. The big monsters you fight often have legendary resistances and such high saves anyway.