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2017-06-13, 03:08 AM
So, i have this terrible idea....

I'm in an interesting game, we have a halforc barbarian infected with lycanthropy, a druid that doesnt know her ability, and a dragon shaman. I'm the group's skillmonkey rogue.

I've recently convinced the druid to finally crack open her amazing spell lists but im more tempted by this new animal companion she got. A gorilla. Gorillas learn tricks right? Can he juggle? Whats his max juggle load? How many balance/tumble/handle animal checks do i need to be juggled by a gorilla while i chuck my daggers? Heck, can i drop my main melee weapons to the gorilla so they can be juggled with me while my hands are free throwing daggers and if an animal companion cant do it. can my hulking werebear of smash stuff learn sleight of hand enough to do all that juggling for me?

Hell i even have my own fire spitter, if the dwarven dragon shaman decided he could be tossed. Though hes a bit heavy at 260lbs. Maybe if theyre strong enough? Bulls strength maybe?

Anyway, thoughts? Is any of this feasible?

2017-06-13, 03:15 AM
You're going to need to say what game/edition this is before anyone can tell you what's viable.

2017-06-13, 03:21 AM
Oh oops, 3.5e ToB nixed cuz of course it is, everything else is kosher

Liran Sterling
2017-06-18, 03:53 PM
I'll say to this what I say to my players as their DM.

By all rights you shouldn't be able to do this. But I reward great role playing and innovative ideas. So, with some skill checks, I would allow it. Basically, I'd say try to do it once, then never again. Because it will get old, and after the first time it'll lose the "cool factor."

Good luck convincing your DM.