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2017-06-14, 11:28 PM
Here are some templates I worked up for a Gurps 4e game. Comments are welcome.


Damage Resistance 1: (5 Points) From pelt.

Arms: (-13 points)
Hooves: (3 points) +1 per die to kick damage. Feet get +1 DR.
Foot Manipulators: (-6 points)
Short: (-10 points)

Extra Arm (Mouth): (5 Points)
Short (-50%)
No Physical Attack (-50%)
All one-handed weapons and tools allowed. (+50%)

Small Talent Level 1 (Cutie Mark): (5 points) 6 related skills gain a +1 bonus, +1 to reaction rolls, and 10% reduction in time to learn these skills.

Horizontal (-10): Take up two squares on the battle map. -1 damage per die on a kick.

TOTAL: -7 points


Flight (36 Points): Winged, Small winged (but can still gain lift) -10%

Walk on Air: (8 points)
Clouds only (-60%)

Manual Weather Manipulation: (15 points) Ability to 'move' weather. Cannot create it. Requires Meteorology skill roll, depending on difficulty. Can default

Magic Resistance Level I: (2 Points) -1 to all rolls to cast spells on the subject. Cannot learn Magery.

Easy to Kill Level 2: (-4 points) Light bones.


Optional: Batpony. Darkvision (25 points, see in darkness),
Fangs: (2 points) thrust-1 impaling damage.


+2 ST (20 Points)

Lifting ST Rank II: (6 points) +2 ST for the purposes of calculating lift and applying steady pressure (such as choking during a grapple)

Striking ST I: (5 points) +1 ST for strike and thrust damage.

High Pain Threshold: (10 Points) Never suffer shock penalties. +3 to avoid knock-down or stunning. +3 to resist torture.

Magic Resistance Level I: (2 Points) -1 to all rolls to cast spells on the subject. Cannot learn Magery.

Plant Empathy: (5 points) Roll against IQ to sense health of a plant. Can influence sentient plants.



+1 Int (20 points)

Magery Level I: (15 Points) Allows rolling to sense magical items on sight and touch. Add magery level to IQ rolls for spellcasting. Time to learn new spells reduced by 10%.

Striker: Horn (5 points)
Limited Arc(Straight ahead) -40%)
(Close reach, thrust damage +1 (per die), Impaling)
(To hit: Roll against DX or Brawling)
(Parry: Roll against either (DX/2)+3 or Brawling parry)

Telekinesis Level IV: (16 Points) 10 meter range. ST 4 for purposes of use.
Visible (-20%)


NEOCORNS (Added to either unicorn or pegasus race).

Universal: (4 Points)
Extended Lifespan: (2 points) Age category length doubled.
Longevity: (2 points) Fail aging rolls only on a 17-18.

Pegasus-Born (+16 points)
Magery Level 0: (5 points) Can detect magic items on sight and touch.
Striker: (5 points) As listed in unicorn entry
Telekinesis Level II: (8 points) 10 meter range. ST 2
Remove Magic Resistance (-2 points)

Unicorn-Born (+28 Points)
Walk on Air: (8 Points) Clouds only.
Flight: (20 points) Small Wings, Cannot Hover

2017-06-15, 11:56 AM

So you are referring to intelligent animals- is it related to My Little Pony anime ?