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(Due to my PC crashing frequently and a scare while I was writing this - thank the gods that restore autosaved content worked - I'll be posting this and editing it as I go, suggestions are welcome! The inspiration for this comes from poppet constructs, but does not actually use these constructs.)

The poppet binder is an archetype of the witch class

The poppet binder forgoes the powers of a typical patron to draw on other sources of her magic. She sets off along the path of poppet making, becoming a master at creating and manipulating little constructs which can be created with a variety of effects. As poppet binders grow in power they gain more tricks to use with their poppets, different types of poppets and a plethora of ways to help and hinder.

Class Features
A poppet binder has the following class features:

Diminished Spellcasting
Due to the effort needed to keep up the power of her poppets, the poppet binder may cast one fewer spell of each level than normal. If this reduces the number to 0, she cast spells of that level only if her Int allows bonus spells of that level.

Grand Poppet
The poppet binder creates an object known as a Grand Poppet, this poppet is the source of power for her and the other poppets that she summons. If the Grand Poppet is destroyed then the poppet binder loses access to all powers based around poppets until she makes a new Grand Poppet, costing her an hour of time and 50 GP's worth of materials unique to her style of creating poppets. The poppet binder must spend 8 hours asleep holding her poppet to regain spell slots.

This ability replaces the familiar and patron, and alters spellcasting.

Poppet: The Enforcer
A 1st level, the poppet binder discovers how to create her first type of poppet. This poppet is known as The Enforcer. This poppet takes the shape of some variety of knight or paladin, the actual image changing to suit the alignment and style of the poppet binder. The Enforcer is a powerful tool to position allies and enemies, it gains more tricks as the poppet binder grows stronger. This takes 1 hour to create and 1 minute to repair if broken.

The Enforcer has 16 (4 Natural Armour, 1 Size bonus, 1 Deflection) AC, 6 HP and cannot be targeted by spells. Once per turn, the enforcer can move up to 10 feet, and can choose to swap places with an ally, taking any attacks of opportunity meant for them, or push an enemy within 15 feet away from his by 5 feet with a powerful gust of wind, which doesn't provoke an attack of opportunity and staggers the enemy if they fail a reflex saving throw equal to the DC of a first level spell from a poppet binder.

At 3rd level, The Enforcer can take a hit directed at an ally as an immediate action to take a single attack per turn for an enemy, reducing it's AC by 4 to do so.

At 5th level, The Enforcer gains an additional 4 AC and can flank enemies. It gains 5 HP.

At 10th level, The Enforcer can knock an enemy prone with a reflex saving throw equal to the DC of a first level spell from a poppet binder, if that target could be knocked prone. It gains 10 HP. If this fails, the target is staggered instead.

At 15th level, The Enforcer can take one additional hit, raising his AC by 2 and negating the penalty for taking a hit for another. It gains 15 HP.

At 20th level, the Enforcer can cast 1 first level spell per day from the paladin spell list with a DC of a first level spell of the poppet binder for spells that target enemies. It gains 3 more AC and can now intercept spells, after taking 3 spells or dying, The Enforcer explodes violently, dazzling and blinding those who don't cover their eyes in time for a turn. This is a reflex save equal to the poppet binder's level + her Int.

This replaces the first level hex a witch gains.

Poppet: The Undine
At 3rd level, the poppet binder can begin creating Undine poppets, which can provide healing and some powerful water abilities as the poppet binder grows stronger. The Undine takes 1 hour to create and 1 minute to fix, if broken. The Undine cannot be the target of spells and can see through illusion, but cannot convey this information to the poppet binder. The Undine has has 13 (2 Natural Armour, 1 Size bonus) AC and 4 HP. The Undine can choose whether to soothe allies within 30 ft, granting fast healing 1 or chill the bones of an enemy it can see, reducing their movement speed by 10 and their attack rolls by 1, the save against this is fortitude, the DC being the DC of a first level spell of the poppet binder.

At 5th level, The Undine either grants fast healing 2 or chills the bones of 2 enemies. The attack roll penalty is increased to 2. She gains 5 HP.

At 7th level, The Undine can freeze a willing ally into an icy shard to grant them 5 AC or an enemy, granting them the same bonus but dealing 1d4 cold damage for each turn the enemy remains in the shard. The save for this is equal to a first level spell from a poppet binder.

At 12th level, The Undine's effects now use the DC of a second level spell of the poppet binder. The ice shard now deals 1d4+4 damage per turn and The Undine can chill 3 enemies. Her fast healing can focus on one target to grant fast healing 4. She gains 10 HP.

At 17th level, The Undine can target one enemy to turn manufactured metal weapons or armours extremely cold, changing them into ice which easily shatters when sunders, or melts after 1d4+4 turns.

At 20th level, the fast healing increases to 3 on all allies, or can be amplified to 6 on one person. The Undine can chill the bones of enemies to the point that they begin taking cold damage, and have their movement speed reduced by a further 5. She gains 5 HP.

This replaces the 2nd level witch hex.

Poppet: The Outsider
At 6th level, the poppet binder learns to create The Outsider, a poppet which takes an hour to create and 1 minute to fix. The Outsider has has 15 (2 Natural Armour, 1 Size bonus, 2 deflection) AC and 7 HP. The Outsider's image changes based on her alignment and style. Neutral witches can choose. The outsider can fly up to 30ft perfectly per round, and become invisible at will. The Outsider can banish one enemy per day using the DC of the spell of a 2nd level poppet binder spell.

At 9th level, The Outsider can summon willing allies from up to 60 feet away. This takes 1 round to prepare and is cast at the end of it's next turn. The Outsider also gains one more banish per day.

At 11th level, The Outsider can plane shift itself to planes that match their master's alignment. This is at will. He gains 5 HP.

At 14th level, The Outsider can become ethereal at will and summon allies from up to 90 feet away. Enemies can be summoned from 30 feet away, leaving them dazed for a round if they fail a second will save. The will save to resist this summoning is equal to the poppet binder's second level spells. He gains another banish. He gains 6 HP.

At 17th level, the Outsider can plane shift to the elemental planes and the planes that aren't in exact opposition of the Outsider's type, for example, a good poppet binder can't send The Outsider to Hell.

At 20th level, The Outsider can summon willing allies who are on the same plane, and can open rifts that allow people to travel between planes that last for one day and can be cast once every 3 days. He gains either a +4 profane or sacred bonus depending on the poppet binder's alignment to AC. The poppet binder gets half of this.

Poppet: Vudun
At 10th level, the poppet binder can begin to create Vudun poppets, poppets which link to a target to bring down certain effects. Vudun can be good or bad. Unlike other poppets, a poppet binder can have up to three Vudun poppets on their person at a time. These poppets are made a little differently, requiring something that links it to the target, this can be a hair, some blood or something that the target uses or wears a lot. The witch can create a Vudun poppet of anyone she has a Scar hex on or some similar effect. It takes only 30 minutes to create a Vudun poppet and link it to a target. The poppet must be created when it is linked. The poppet cannot be made beforehand and the poppet binder cannot change who the Vudun poppet is linked to.

The Vudun poppet does not have any AC. When the poppet takes more than half of the target's HP in damage in one day it breaks, losing the link and destroying whatever the poppet binder used to link the poppet. When a witch uses the Link hex with a Vudun poppet, instead of taking on the senses of the poppet, she can instead see through the eyes of the target and hear through the ears. The poppet witch can place the poppet inside a potion to apply the potion's effect to the target once per day as a standard action.

At 13th level, the poppet binder can spend 5 turns torturing a linked poppet or 5 turns tending to a linked poppet once per poppet per day. Torturing a poppet deals 1d4 + the poppet binder's intelligence per turn. Tending to a linked poppet does the opposite, healing 1d4 + the poppet binder's intelligence per turn instead. Torture has a 1/2 chance of causing confusion. Flip a coin to determine. Likewise, tending to a poppet has a 1/2 chance to remove curses that do not have conditions, or afflictions such as blindness, deafness, confusion or dazed. The poppet binder decides when this happens during the tending or torturing. The save to resist torture is equal to a poppet binder's third level spell.

At 15th level, the poppet binder can either apply a weakness or a resistance to the poppet, increasing damage taken from one type of damage by 5 or decreasing the damage from that source by 5 The poppet binder can choose any type of damage, but can only apply this once to a poppet.

At 17th level, the poppet binder can set fire to a poppet, put it in a water container or apply poisons to the poppet. The DC to save against these are increased by 3, but if the target saves then they cannot be hurt by this effect for a day. The poppet breaks after this is used 3 times within a week.

At 20th level, the Vudun Poppet can be used to attempt to kill a victim. The victim is wracked with terrible pain, taking unmitigated damage equal to quarter of their maximum health 8 times in total. The target cannot heal this back until this ends. The target makes a Fortitude saving throw (DC 10 + 1/2 the poppet binder's + the poppet binder's Int modifier), if it fails, there is no stopping the damage by any means, and the creature will die a horrific death. This effect cannot be stopped or ended in any way once it has started, and the poppet is destroyed when this is attempted. Not even the death of the poppet binder stops this.

This replaces the 10th level hex.

The following hexes are available for the poppet binder:

Link Hex - The poppet binder links her mind to a poppet, familiar, animal companion or eidolon. The being must be willing for her to do so, poppets are automatically willing. She can see through the eyes and ears of the creature and can swap from her own body to the creature as a move action. She gains telepathy with her linked targets.

At 5th level, the poppet binder can link to unwilling targets, the save for this is 10+ 1/2 the poppet binder's level + the Int of the poppet binder. The poppet binder can read the thoughts of the linked target.

At 10th level, the poppet binder can take over the body of the willing linked target completely and vice versa. The poppet binder's body will enter full defence mode or run, whichever is the best option. If directed by telepathy, the poppet binder will cast spells. Constructs and Undead can be taken over in this way at this point. It's suggested that the poppet binder experiment with The Outsider when using this hex.

At 15th level, the poppet binder can link with humanoids. The poppet binder can now possess simple beasts and unwilling familiars, animal companions and dolls. The poppet binder makes an opposed intelligence check each round.

At 20th level, the poppet binder can take over humanoids, forcing them to act as she wants, making an opposed intelligence check each round. The humanoid also gets control over the poppet binder's body too.

Explosive Sacrifice Hex - Target a summoned or created minion. This can include mindless undead, poppets, summon monster or summoned animals. It is the GM's discretion whether this allows you to target other things. It is not supposed to be able to target familiars, but this could be a brutal and fun use for the hex.

When used on one of your minions, it explodes, dealing 1d8 damage to each enemy within a 10 foot radius for every 2 poppet binder levels you have.

When used on another's minion, they are alerted to the brutal death of their minion if they cannot see it, and if they are within 60 feet, can make an opposing intelligence check. Minions must be 1 HD less than the poppet binder to use this effect.

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