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Mark Hall
2017-06-30, 01:11 PM

So, I still have to develop the scenario, but I'd like some feedback on the character creation rules for Advanced Dungeons and Kittens.

In this brief scenario, players take on the role of the familiars whose masters have disappeared. All, by sheer coincidence, are cats, and so share certain features.

Strength: 3d2
Intelligence: 1d3+4
Wisdom: 3d6
Dexterity: 14+1d4
Constitution: 3d6
Charisma: 3d6

HP: 1d4+6; their masters are all 5th level. The cats only have ½ HD, though, so if they get a bonus to hit points from Constitution, they only get a single bonus.
ThAC0: 20. This is modified by Strength.
Attacks: 1-2/1 (Double Claw Swipe/Bite). If the claw swipe and bite are successful, cats may rake with their hind claws for 1-2 damage, but that worsens their AC by 1. This damage is modified by strength, with a minimum of 0 from an attack.
AC: 7, modified by Dexterity.
Movement: 9 (may exert for a burst of speed of 18 for 1d10 rounds, but must wait a full turn between the end of one burst and the start of the next). Cats can climb at half their normal movement rate, and jump their body length, plus one foot per point of strength from a standing start.
Saves: As a 0th level fighter
Natural Thief Abilities:
Hide In Shadows: 50%
Move Silently: 46%
Climb Walls: 75%
Detect Noise: 25%
Backstab: *3 damage. Remember that damage is multiplied BEFORE the penalty for Strength is applied.
These abilities are adjusted based on the familiar’s dexterity.
Cats may only be surprised on a 1 (1st edition) or a 1 or a 2 (2nd edition)
All cats can speak to cats, as well as birds and mammals. They understand other languages based on their Intelligence.

Special Ability:
Each familiar chooses one special ability.

*Bruiser: You’re a BIG cat. You have a 7 Strength, regardless of what you rolled, and a bonus 1d4 hit points. Big as you are, you don’t jump too well; you can jump your body length plus three feet.
*Hunter: You’re a mighty hunter. You bring down the big game, and bring it home to feed your master, who would be hopelessly starving without your constant stream of prey. You receive a +4 to hit birds, mice, and other prey species, no matter their size (a gryphon is just a really big parakeet, after all). However, you have a -4 to reaction rolls with all of these creatures. This penalty applies any time you’re visible in an interaction; no use sending forward the Cute Kitty if you’re going to stare at everyone like you’re figuring out how to dissect them.
*Sanctified: Your master was a cleric/mage, and some of their holiness have rubbed off on you. Once per day, you can lick a wound and heal 2 HP of damage. However, your Backstab multiplier is only *2, not *3.
*Enchanted: Your master lavished magical attentions (and, possibly, potions) on you, giving you a bit of magical ability… but just a bit. You can use magic items available to wizards that don’t require command words or body parts you don’t have, and can Detect magic by smell at a rate of 25% per round. However, this has made you a bit delicate, so you have only 1d4 HP (plus any constitution modifier).
*Tricky Kitty: You get into all sorts of mischief; odds are, you’ve got thumbs, which other kitties do not have. In addition to the usual thieving skills, you can Pick Pockets at 55%, Open Locks at 47%, and Find/Remove Traps at 45%, all adjusted for your kitty dexterity. Tricky kitties, though, can’t run as fast as other kitties, and so lose the ability to sprint.
*Ghost Hunter: You know things are out there. Humans can’t see them. Elves overlook them. But they’re there, and they’re dangerous! You can see invisible creatures, but must make a saving throw v. spells or run away for 1 round from the first such creature you see each turn. If you can sprint, you will sprint.
*Nature Cat: Tally ho! You are an outdoor kitty; you poop where you like, walk where you please, and no wall will stop you! You can move at your normal movement speed through underbrush and pass through non-enchanted thorns without damage. However, you do not like the indoors, and have a -2 to hit, AC, and Saving throws when inside.
*Sneaky Kitty: Sneaky kitties are never where you expect them to be; you’re too smart to be where they can catch you. When a given opponent attacks you, the first attack by that opponent that would hit has a 50% chance of missing, anyway. Sneaky kitties, though, are usually quite small, so you have a -2 to Strength and Constitution.
*Cute Kitty: Who’s a cute kitty? Yes, you are! You are! Switch your Charisma and Dexterity stats; Cute kitties are cute, but no more than average in grace.

2017-08-04, 05:30 PM
Hope I'm within the 45 days or whatever for posting... don't want no trouble!
It's interesting, I'd like to see the scenario for sure!


2017-08-05, 01:20 PM
Interesting concept. I do see one fly in the ointment: how are the players supposed to dumb their role playing down to an Int of 4-7? It's hard enough dumbing down to 8 and not voicing the great ideas your character should never have had.

Other than that, I'd connsider nixing the downsides of the special abilities. Sure, they make sense logically (dare I say, "for the fluff"?) but since the idea is that these are some bad ass kitties, let them be a little more bad ass. It's not like this would make them god killers (except in the minds of Hunters.)

I can even see making a partial character class out of this, say five levels, picking one special ability from the list each level. (That would give each character a choice of half the list, so they're not ending up all the same.) If the first game goes well, your players might demand it.