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Warforged Soulborn
Many creatures agonize trying to learn their purpose in the greater scheme of the world. To the warforged soulborn however, the answer is far simpler. They exist to destroy their enemies and spread the the virtues of their cause. These warriors are gifted with bodies crafted for war and spirits guided by ideals.
Hit Die: d12HD
To take a warforged soulborn substitution level, a character must be a warforged soulborn about to take their 1st, 2nd or 9th level of soulborn.
Class Skills
Warforged souborn levels grant the same class skills as the standard soulborn, plus Use Magic Device. Warforged soulborns understand that though skill ultimately wins the day, one can't understate the value of good equipment.
1st Know Thy Enemy (Sp)- At will, you can attempt to detect the presence of creatures whose alignment is opposite your own. This ability works like the detect evil spell, except that it detects either alignment opposed to your own. For example, a lawful good warforged soulborn can detect chaotic/evil, while a chaotic good warforged soulborn can detect law/evil.
This benefit does not replace any class feature.
Smite Opposition (Su)- A warforged soulborn does not let rampant emotions guide them during battle, but a keen understanding of tactics. The warforged soulborn's smite opposition works like other soulborns, except that they use their intelligence modifier in place of their charisma modifier to determine the bonus to attack.
This effect augments, but does not replace, a standard soulborn's ability to smite opposition.
2nd Incarnum Defense (Su)- The unusual composition of a warforged inures them to some of the more dangerous aspects of combat. At level 2, a warforged soulborn gains Medium Fortification (50% chance to negate critical hits or sneak attack) and gains a +4 bonus to death attacks. If you have fortification from another source, the effects do not stack.
This effect augments, but does not replace, a standard soulborns incarnum defense.
9th Share Incarnum Defense- Conflict has taught the warforged that though ideals have value, pragmatism carries weight. At level 9, a warforged soulborn can share their medium fortification and bonus to saves against death attacks with any ally who shares at least one alignment component with them. This ability otherwise follows all the normal rules for share incarnum defense.
This effect augments, but does not replace, a standard soulborns share incarnum defense.

Changeling Incarnate
Through the manipulation of incarnum, most incarnates seek to embody the perfection of ethical aspects of their alignments. Changeling Incarnates tend to approach their philosophical quandaries with a flexibility that often confuses or disgusts other incarnates. To you, nothing is black and white and the answers you seek might be found with a different question.
To take a changeling incarnate substitution level, a character must be a changeling incarnate about to take their 1st, 3rd or 7th level of incarnate.
Class Skills
Changeling Incarnate substitution levels grant the same class skills as the standard incarnate class, plus Bluff, Disguise and Speak Language. Changeling incarnates further hone their ability to deceive and blend in with others.
Skill Points at Each Level: 4 + Int modifier (or four times this number as a beginning character)
1st Flexible Morality- Changeling incarnates believe that adamantly refusing alternative viewpoints stagnates thought and spiritual growth. At the start of the day, chose one extreme alignment component (chaos, evil, good, law) that you do not already possess. If you shape Incarnate Weapon or Incarnate Avatar, you may use either your normal alignment or the selected alignment granted by flexible morality.
This benefit replaces no class feature.
3th Social Meldshaper (Ex)- Despite their tendency towards deception, changelings frequently seek to forge connections with others. At level 3, changeling incarnates add Soulspeaker Circlet to their soulmeld list. So long as Silvertongue Mask, Soulspeaker Circlet or Truthseeker Goggles are bound to a chakra, their essentia capacity is increased by 1.
This benefit replaces no class feature.
7th Rebind Chakra (Su)- Though gifted incarnates learn the techniques to quickly reform their soulmelds, none but the changeling incarnates can master the secrets of rebinding chakra. Once per day as a full-round action, a changeling incarnate may bind an existing soulmeld to a chakra they have access to. Should you already possess the maximum number of chakra binds, choose one of your other binds to be unbound. If this chakra already has a meld bound to it, the previous meld is replaced (though not unshaped). Alternatively if a magic item is bound to it, the item's effects are suppressed (unless you have the Split Chakra feat).
This benefit replaces a standard incarnate's share incarnum radiance class feature gained at level 7.

Shifter Totemist
Over time your lycanthrope ancestors interbred with other races and diluted your once pure bloodline. By embracing the incarnum aspects of nature, you seek to reconnect with what your race has lost.
To take a shifter totemist substitution level, a character must be a shifter totemist about to take their 1st, 3rd or 8th level of totemist.
Class skills
Shifter totemist substitution levels grant the same class skills as the standard totemist, plus Balance, Climb and Jump. Shifter totemist believe they cannot forgo strengthening their body at the expense of working with incarnum.
1.Natural Form (Su)- To many totemists, embracing the wild comes as second nature. For a shifter totemist, it's your first nature. A shifter totemist can increase their racial bonus to Balance, Climb and Jump with essentia. For each essentia invested, their racial bonus increases by 2.
This benefit replaces no class feature.
3. Beast's Form (Ex)- Drawing upon the deeper currents of incarnum have rekindled your race's ancient defenses. While shifting, you gain DR/Silver equal to your constitution modifier. If you have DR from another source, take the higher of the two values.
This benefit replaces the Totem Protection ability.
8. Spirit's Form (Ex)- You have learned the arts of fusing your bestial spirit with the spirits of your ancestors. While shifting, you are immune to any effect that would damage your essentia or unshape your soulmelds (though they may still be surpressed by effects such as Anti-Magic Field). In addition, the essentia capacity of any meld bound to your Totem Chakra increases by 1.
This benfit replaces the Rebind Totem Soulmeld ability gained at level 8. A totemist shifter instead gains the ability at 12th level, with additional uses at 16th and 20th level.

Racial Variant
Among the shifter communities, an unusual bloodline occasionally manifests that hearkens back to their more primal past. The two most popular stories guessing at the shen's origins both pertain to their ancestors. Some claim that in the distant past, one of their ancestors hailed from the celestial realms. Others instead say that a shen must be a direct bloodline descendant of the original lycanthropes. Regardless of the truth, shen are shifters who are gifted with an abundance of spiritual energy. Because of their otherworldly nature, shen often find become priests or are ostracized, depending on the prevalent beliefs of their community.
Shen are in most ways identical to other shifters except in the coloration of their eyes. They possess a thin halo of blue at the border between the iris and schlera. While shifting, this halo expands and colors the entirety of the schlera.
Shen Shifter (Su)- While shifting , a shen shifter gains a +2 Con and +1 essentia. In addition, shen shifters count incarnum feats as Shifter feats for the purpose of determining how many times they may shift in a day.

Cobalt Tracery (Warforged)
Prerequisite- Warforged
Benefit- Your natural weapons and grapple attacks count as magical for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction. In addition, if you have access to the arm or hand chakra, you may bind this feat to them as if it were a soulmeld.
Arm- You gain a +2 insight bonus to grapple checks and treat your strength as 2 higher for the purposes of determining your carrying capacity. For each essentia invested, this bonus increases by an additional 2.
Hands- You gain a +2 insight bonus against attempts to disarm or sunder any weapon you wield. For each essentia invested, this bonus increases by an additional 2.

Shen Elite (Shifter, Incarnum)
Prerequisite- Shifter with the shen trait.
Benefit- While shifting, you gain +2 essentia while shifting. This replaces the essentia gain from the shen shifting ability.
In addition, at the start of the day you may invest essentia into this feat. You may shift an additional number of times equal to the amount invested. Once the amount of essentia invested is chosen, it cannot be altered and remains invested for 24 hours.
Special- This feat is only counted once when determining the number of times you can shift per day

Soulforged Body (Incarnum, Warforged)
Prerequisite- 1st level only, Warforged,
Benefit- You may invest essentia into your Composite Plating as if it were a soulmeld. For each essentia invested, your armor bonus increases by an additional 2. In addition, if you have access to the Heart, Soul or Waist chakra, you may bind your Composite Plating as if it were a magic item.
Heart- You are immune to ability damage and ability drain.
Soul- You gain the benefits of the Slippery Mind rogue ability.
Waist- Spells from the healing subschool and supernatural abilities that cure hit point damage or ability damage now restore their full amounts. In addition you can heal naturally from rest.
Special- If a Warforged possessing this feat adds the Soulbound quality to their Composite Plating, they must invest essentia separately.

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There we go. Got a little bit of inspiration reading some other homebrew so I plagiarized did my own version. It was also a nice departure from my usual project of designing whole classes. I may get around to making a Kalashtar ACF as well, but uncertain. Maybe add a Soulforged description and talk about how they differ from normal Warforged? Who knows.
If you have any questions, comments or concerns, lemme know.