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2017-07-04, 12:42 AM
Hey everyone,

I need your help. My party and I decided to start doing theme songs for each of our characters, and so far its pretty neat. The only problem is that we decided to be extra special and make things complicated. Essentially, we all have 3 types of theme songs per character: a basic battle theme, an epic battle theme, and a standard theme song. The standard theme song is easy, because it could literally be anything related to the character, and epics are easy as well since there is no shortage to epic music. However, finding a basic battle theme is surprisingly difficult. It has to be that perfect blend of music that says, "Yeah, this is a fight, but I'm an awesome adventurer and you're a basic mob of minions." In other words, it needs to be fun and have a sense of action to it without being really cool if that makes any sense. I'm basically stumped at this point and was hoping that all of y'all could help me out with some recommendations. I have a couple characters that I main or that are in play currently if you guys want specifics, but for the most part I'm just looking for some general tunes to fit this niche.

2017-07-04, 09:46 AM
I'd go with a complete album by an artist you like. Thomas Bergersen, Vangelis, Milos Rozsa, Maurice Jarre, Hans Zimmer. That will allow you to have the thematic link between compositions but with some variety for different aspects of the game.

2017-07-05, 05:38 AM
I get the epic battle theme and the character theme song(to a degree), but why do you need a song for every character during combat? If you have to have music, just play a tune that is appropriate for the encounter and when someone does something cool, play their epic theme.

2017-07-07, 10:27 PM
What kinds of characters they are might help a lot. Both what they can do, and what kind of person they are.