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2017-07-10, 11:48 PM
Orcish Armour Suite

As base, the OAS gives an AC of 11+Dex modifier. However, it can be upgraded with the following options:

Tier 1

Tier 1 upgrades are available levels 1-4. They are generally useful, but not overpowering. You may have up to 4 of these.

Light OAS*-Increases AC to 12+Dex mod.

Medium OAS*-Changes AC to 14+Dex mod (max 2).

Heavy OAS*-Changes AC to 16. Inflicts disadvantage on stealth checks.

Refined-Makes the OAS blend in better, giving it a more simple and clothing like appearance.

Energy Inured-Makes the OAS reduce all damage taken by a single damage type reduced by 3. (This upgrade may be taken multiple times, each time selecting a new damage type. Bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing may not be selected.)

Perceptive-Makes the OAS heighten your senses. Gives you +1d4 to all Perception checks, and increases your passive Perception by 3.

Jumping-May make full jumps without a running start. Triples jump distance and height.

Energy Blast-Gives you a 30'/120' ranged attack that deals one type of energy damage, chosen after every long rest. Deals 1d8 damage.

Basic Manipulation-Gain any one non-damaging cantrip, other than Guidance.

*Mutually exclusive

Tier 2

Tier 2 upgrades are available levels 5-10. They are generally a lot more potent than Tier 1 upgrades, and start defining your armor. You may have up to 3 of these.

Improved Light OAS-Increases AC to 13+Dex mod. Requires Light OAS.

Improved Medium OAS-Increases AC to 15+Dex mod (max 2). Requires Medium OAS.

Improved Heavy OAS-Increases AC to 17. Requires Heavy OAS.

Physically Inured-As Energy Inured, but to bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage.

Speedy-Increases your speed by 10'.

Reactive-As a reaction, you may increase your AC by your tier against one attack.

Water Breathing-Allows you to breathe underwater.

Swimming-Gives you a swim speed equal to your land speed.

Climbing-Gives you a climb speed equal to your land speed.

Natural Weapons-Gives you one of three natural weapons. May be taken multiple times.
-Grasping Claw-1d6 slashing damage, light, finesse, may grapple as a bonus action after hitting
-Ramming Horns-1d8 bludgeoning damage, may shove (knock back only) as a bonus action after hitting
-Tripping Tail-1d6 bludgeoning damage, light, may shove (trip only) as a bonus action after hitting

Improved Energy Blast-Increases damage to 1d8 per tier and lets you add your ability modifier. Requires Energy Blast.

Chameleon Field-May cast Invisibility once per long rest. The OAS concentrates for you, using your modifiers.

Improved Manipulation-Gain the Guidance cantrip.

Blurring Movement-As a bonus action, blur your moves, imposing disadvantage on attacks made against you as a result of your movement.

Tier 3

Tier 3 upgrades are available levels 11-16. You get 2.

Master Light OAS-Increases AC to 14+Dex mod. Requires Improved Light OAS.

Master Medium OAS-Increases AC to 16+Dex mod (max 2). Requires Improved Medium OAS.

Master Heavy OAS-Increases AC to 18 mod. Requires Improved Heavy OAS.

Inured To All-As either earlier Inured, but applies to all damage taken. Stacks with the other Inured.

Improved Speedy-Increases your speed by a further 15'. Requires Speedy.

Ablative-As a reaction, when you are hit, you may deal 1d10+Proficiency modifier damage to the attacker.

Improved Flight-Replaces Glide with a fly speed equal to your move speed.

Master Energy Blast-Increases damage to 1d10 per tier and allows you to select two energy types to strike with simultaneously or separately, as chosen each time you attack. Requires Improved Energy Blast.

Improved Chameleon Field-May now use Invisibility once per short rest. Requires Chameleon Field.

Improved Blurring Movement-Blurring Movement is now always active. Requires Blurring Movement.

Tier 4

Levels 17-20. You get one.

Perfected Light OAS-Increase AC to 15+Dex mod. Requires Master Light OAS.

Perfected Medium OAS-Increase AC to 17+Dex mod (max 2). Requires Master Medium OAS.

Perfected Heavy OAS-Increase AC to 19 mod. Requires Master Heavy OAS.

Master Speedy-Increases your speed by a further 15'. Requires Improved Speedy.

Resistant-Grants you resistance to any 5 energy types.

Impact Dampening-Gain 5 THP at the start of each of your turns.

Master Chameleon Field-Now casts Greater Invisibility instead of normal. Requires Improved Chameleon Field.

2017-07-11, 08:23 PM
Some suggestions.

Impact dampened: gain temp hp equal to (enter ability mid here) at the beginning of your turn. Its similiar to immortal mystic

Water breathing: self explaining

Swim speed: self explaining

Climb speed: self explaining

Improved jump: make jumps without a running start increase distance 2 or 3 as in jump spell

Improved flight: just like feat without stat increase

Grasping claws: gain claws can fight as if two weapons if hands are empty. After you hit you can attempt to grab as a bonus action

Tripping tail: gain a tail attack. Same as claws but instead shoved prone

Ramming horns: gain a Gore attack. Same as above but shoves back.

Energy blast: basically gives a ranged attack cantrip that doesn't scale

Improved: now it scales

Chameleon field: grants invisibility

Improved: does so more often

Greater: now it's greater too.

Mattermanipulator: gains a utility cantrip

Blurring movement: disadvantage on attack rolls against oa made against you for moving

Project image: some higher level illusion spell.

Those are just off the top of my head. Yeah I went syfy on it but name them what you will. Maybe this will give spark some ideas for you.