View Full Version : D&D 5e/Next Need help brewing an item that allows wild shape into fiend / devil

2017-07-18, 11:03 PM
Hey everyone!

Simple question as per the title.

I'm the DM of a group. One of my players has a changeling / demonic background. She is also the token neutral evil character of the group. If I gave her the ability to expand her wild shape into Fiend / Devil creature types she would greatly enjoy the immersion of it. So, here are my questions!

1) What rarity would this item be for you? Uncommon, rare, wondrous, legendary, etc.
2) Does this imbalance her combat capabilities in and of itself? I.E., would a CR 2 devil be inherently more dangerous than a CR 2 Beast?
3) If the previous answer is a no, then should this item not require attunement as it doesn't grant much of a power boost?
4) What other thoughts might you have about this?

Thank you!