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2017-07-23, 06:12 PM
Ability Score Increases-Tem is fast like lightning! Tem gains +2 to Dexterity score!

Age-Tem ages fast! Tem is fully grown by eight, and lives to see 150 usually! Old Temmie is 170!

Alignment-Tem is nice!

Size-Tem tiny! Size is small.

Speed-Tem is fast like lightning! You said that earlier. Tem moves at 35'!

Unhatable-Tem likes everyone, and everyone likes Tem! Temmie gains proficiency in Persuasion!

Languages-Tem knows Common and Temmie! Temmie sounds cool!


College-Graduated Temmie

Ability Score Increase-I apologize for my brethren's behavior. I, being erudite and educated, gain +1 to my Intelligence score.

Linguist-Having studied many languages, a college educated Temmie gains three additional languages known.

Magic!-I also studied magic. I gain any one Wizard cantrip (Int based, naturally) at level 1, any one first level Wizard spell at level 3, and any one second level Wizard spell at level 5.

Barter Temmie

Ability Score Increase-Tem gonna sell you stuff! Buy Temmie's crap valuables! Tem will convince you! With Tem's +1 to Charisma score!

Hoarder-Tem has all the things! Once per long rest, Tem can roll to see if Tem has squirreled away something! It's worth 1d20*Tem's proficiency bonus in GP!

Natural Salescreature-Tem knows how to sell! Tem doubles proficiency bonus on Charisma checks when attempting to buy or sell things!

Battle Temmie

Ability Score Increase-Battle Temmie is best Temmie! Battle Temmie gains +1 to Strength AND Constitution!

Relentless Endurance-Battle Temmie copied this from Half-Orc. Tem is sorry-cheating is wrong.

2017-07-23, 06:29 PM
I think these all look solid, but I have a couple things to point out.

First, the Barter Temmie's Hoarder feature seems incomplete. It says you roll to see if you find something, so is there a check to make and a DC to meet? If you find something, is that value in gold, silver, etc?

Second, College-Graduated Temmie should clearly be listed third for comedic purposes.

Otherwise, seems good to me. I give it 8/10 Temmie Flakes.

2017-07-23, 07:19 PM
Hoarder gets you an item worth 1d20*your proficiency bonus GP. So you can get, on the low end, something worth 2 GP (level 1, rolled a 1) or on the high end, an item worth 120 GP (level 20, rolled a 20).

Now, this can technically be abused to generate infinite wealth, slowly. So a DM is free to rule you can ONLY use Hoarder when you actually need an item-not just for giggles.