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2017-07-25, 11:35 PM
New DM here creating a big bad for my newest campaign. Here are the stats and abilities he currently has:

(Numbers and dice rolls not yet added. Just need a general opinion of how balanced this big bad is)

(This character is a vampire and leader of a political faction)

HP: Very High

Armor: Medium

Weapon #1: Short Sword (Bleeding Damage)

Weapon #2: Heavy Bow (Poison Damage)


Blood Bolt: Does medium damage and can be cast as either a spell or modifier to a bow shot. (No cooldown)

Raise Dead: Resurrects a fallen corpse for two turns. (Three turn cooldown)

Like Shadows: Can move behind any selected character and strike at their back, if the attack lands the target will suffer poison damage. (Two turn cooldown)

Endless Rampage: Master Del'Vallo heals slightly with each successful melee attack. (Passive)

Mass Raise Dead: Resurrects all nearby fallen corpses until they are slain. (Once per day)

Heart Aimed Strike: Does massive damage towards a single target and inflicts poison and bleeding damage on them for five rounds, and attracts the attention of any nearby vampire to target them. (Once per day)

Grapple: Can grab a target and throw them to the ground, stunning them for their next turn. (Two turn cooldown)

Graveborn: Immune to poison damage. (Passive)

Flight: Master Del'Vallo levitates off the ground for three rounds and switches to his Heavy Bow, becoming immune to melee attacks and more vulnerable to magic. (Three turn cooldown)

Gut And Bleed: Master Del'Vallo slashes at the target with a hidden dagger, causing massive bleeding damage for two rounds. The target is unable to attack or move while bleeding from this attack, but can still perform other actions. (Three turn cooldown)

Crush: Stuns the target for one round and inflicts slight damage. (Two turn cooldown)

Nocturnal Song: Master Del'Vallo recovers half of the hitpoints lost from the current fight. (Once per day)

-Master Del'Vallo is much more vulnerable to fire and holy damage.
-During sunlight, Master Del'Vallo will die if he doesn't return to shade within a short amount of time.
-Fear of lycanthropes. Master Del'Vallo will hesitate to target lycanthropes and will deal less damage to them.
-Without his signet ring, Master Del'Vallo will only have access to half of his abilities.
-Master Del'Vallo can be instantly slain if a specially crafted and blessed stake is plunged through his heart.

Do these abilities and weakness seem balanced? Not much can be decided without the numbers, but this is just a general idea for the character. Should I change any other aspects?

Thank you for the advice!

2017-07-26, 09:49 AM
Sounds like you have put a lot of thought into the themes it uses. I don't really know how to say if something is unbalanced or not without stats or a balance point you are going for. What system are you making this for?

They seem horribly overpowered in relation to a normal human, all in all, but most things are depending on what you're doing with it.

2017-07-26, 01:14 PM
This build seems to strongly depend on how many corpses/minions(and then corpses) the big bad will have at his disposal. Also on whether the players will find out about these abilities and weaknesses ahead of time and correctly prep for battle. Many seem to be pretty standard vampire weaknesses sunlight/fire/holy water, so the players will probably equip for all that anyway, but some seem like good subquest info-rewards (the ring, the stake and the werewolf stuff).