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2017-07-28, 02:45 PM
Hey All,

I have an up and coming campaign in which we are all playing elves (I will be rocking out a druid using an archetype from Wardens of the Wild) and was tasked with creating a new Bladesinger base class for one of the players. I tried my best to dissuade them and pointed out many things that could be used to facilitate such a concept. But alas they were adamant and "diplomatically" voted me as the creator of our new Bladesinger class. Which brings me to the reason for my post. In an attempt to ensure that I have created something worthy of playing (and not completely and utterly broken) I come to the Pathfinder community to seek aid. Please check out my version of an otherwise very old but well loved gaming trope. Remember, this is a work in progress and still needs a lot of spit and polish. After this is done I will then have to create an NPC of 1st, 5th and 10th level in order for the group to playtest the new class. So ... before that happens I want the class to be as perfect as I can get it. Don't hold back folks ... let the bullets, erm comments, fly.:P

I present to you the Bladesinger, an initiator of elven blade arts (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Tc6XbXQgPShvPIkx4k6reLBZFeCZBUZPi4b-CdrCdaE/edit?usp=sharing).

I have also enabled comments on the google doc.



2017-07-28, 08:46 PM
I'm not well versed in initiator classes and have never seen one in play but I do have 1 suggestion...

Bladesong should not require skill ranks equal to level. You might as well give them 1 less skill point per level and treat the skill as if they had ranks equal to their level of just scale the ability with level and take skills out of the equation completely. Hypothetically they could lose use of the ability by not spending the skill point. You might also tie the duration and/or level dependent effects to the ranks instead so they have a legit choice in whether to allocate ranks to it and a reward for doing so.