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2017-08-23, 04:55 AM
Hi folks. I decided to rip some features out of the Scrapper for easy reuse and retooled them as feats. How does these look to you? Is the power level about right?

Alacrity Feats

Adventurer’s Alacrity (General)
Benefit: You get a certain thrill out of overcoming challenges and can draw on that to act with greater vigor. At the end of any encounter in which you come into conflict with a significant threat you gain a point of alacrity. Once per turn, you may spend a point of alacrity to take an additional swift or immediate action. Alternately, you may spend 2 points of alacrity to take a move or standard action. You lose a point of alacrity for each hour of rest you take.

Vitality Feats

Defiant Soul (General)
Prerequisites: Improved Vitality
Benefit: Your strong life force protects you from the clutches of death. When you are subject to an effect that would render you permanently unable to act, you may spend hit points equal to the effect’s save DC to ignore that effect. If no save is allowed, use 10 + ½ the source’s caster level or hit die instead. You can also use this at the start of your turn to shake off an effect that prevented you from acting during your last turn at half that cost.

Hidden Vitality (General)
Benefit: You are remarkably resilient. Gain a pool of vitality points equal to 6 + your constitution modifier. Once per minute of rest you can spend a point of vitality to recover 1 hit point, +1 for every 4 hit die you have. When in immediate danger, you can trigger this recovery as part of a total defense action. You can only use that option once per encounter. You recover all spent vitality after 6 hours of rest.

Improved Vitality (General)
Prerequisites: Hidden Vitality
Benefit: When spend vitality to recover hit points, increase the amount recovered to 1 + ½ the number of hit die you have. You can also count non-strenuous activity as rest for the purposes of recovering.

Unbound Vitality (General)
Prerequisites: Improved Vitality
Benefit: When spend vitality to recover hit points, increase the amount recovered to ¼ your total hit points.

2017-08-24, 02:25 PM
I think there might be a typo in Unbound Vitality, currently it decreases the amount of HP you recover. I'm guessing the intent was to increase the amount of HP you recover by 1/4 of your hit dice?

Adventurer's Alacrity seems like a good feat, though it might diminish a little to fast.

Your vitality feats on the other hand are kind of weak, the healing given is to infrequent and to little to be particularly helpful for most characters, and the ones who would recieve significant healing from them probably have better choices.

2017-08-25, 06:25 AM
Unbound Vitality scales to hit points vs the hit die the other's scale to, so constitution and anything that increases max hit points increases that. For example, a 4th level cleric with no con mod would heal 2 hp / min with Hidden vitality, 3 hp / min with Improved Vitality, and 4 hp / min with Unbound Vitality (average hp 18) or 5 hp / min with max hp at 1st level (average hp 21). At the base 6 uses, Unbound Vitality effectively more than doubles the hit point pool but puts the extra behind a time delay, putting in in the ball park of the Heal spell.

Would reducing the feat count help? I could easily see merging Improved Vitality and Unbound Vitality. Merging all three is possible, though I'm hard pressed to think of single dip feats that provide that much healing. Let me know if you have any examples to use as reference.

I'm not sure how to counter Alacrity diminishing though. Maybe allow full round actions for 3 points? That brings full attacking into the fold which helps things scale up.

2017-08-30, 11:43 PM
I misread unbound Vitality, that makes it one of the few worthwhile healing effects I have seen. I think I'd get rid of Improved Vitality, change the prerequisites of Defiant Soul to Hidden Vitality and Base Fort save +3*, then change Unbound Vitality to require Defiant Soul and Base Fort save +6*.

* - Base Fort save was chosen as I thought it was a good way to prevent a Character from taking the entire feat chain at level one and benefits martial characters more, also felt flavorful.

Adventurer's Alacrity's problem is the speed the pool depletes, compared to how often you earn the points. Since you earn 1 point at the end of an encounter and only against a "significant threat". As significant threat isn't defined by the rules it is up to the DM to choose when to give the points, which means you can never rely on using the feat. At the very least it needs a definition of "significant threat" in the feat description.i would also recommend increasing the number of points generated at the end of the encounter, maybe 1d3+ the difference between the party's level and the CR of the encounter? The number needs work but should likely be connected to the level of the threat.