View Full Version : I got bored and made a grapple Monk Way for 5e, PEACH

2017-09-01, 06:57 PM
Shooto Master. (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4gFZ0PCY-glODZtS3BCZ09teFk/view?usp=sharing)

Monk Archetype: Way of the Shooto Master

Those who follow the way of the Shooto Master employ a variety of martial arts techniques to subdue and restrain their opponents before a takedown.

Submission Technique:
Beginning when the Monk takes this archetype at 3rd level, a Shooto Master may add their Dexterity modifier to Athletics checks to Grapple or Shove opponents in addition to their Strength modifier. Additionally, Shooto Masters gain two enhancements to using the Grapple technique:
-As a Bonus Action, a Shooto Master may make another opposed Athletics check to impose the Restrained effect on his Grapple target. Should this check fail, the target remains Grappled, but on their next turn gains Advantage on any Athletics or Acrobatics check used to escape and may attempt it as a Bonus Action.
-Whenever a Shooto Master succeeds on an offensive Athletics check (to Grapple, Shove, or Restrain, primarily) they deal damage equal to their normal Unarmed Strike damage (plus additional modifiers to damage as appropriate). This damage is not an attack, and thus cannot benefit from critical hits, Stunning Strike, Sneak Attack, Divine Smite, or other effects that trigger on a successful weapon attack.

Efficient Holds:
Starting at 6th level a Shooto Masterís joint manipulation techniques use no wasted energy. The Shooto Master may initiate and maintain a grapple or restraint against an additional target at no penalty.

Break Them:
A Shooto Masterís finishing techniques leave their enemies bleeding and broken. As an Action a Shooto Master can deal a devastating (and usually flashy) blow to any target they have Restrained, releasing them from the grapple or restraint, but dealing damage equal to the Monkís unarmed strike (plus any modifiers as usual) plus an additional d6 of damage for every odd level in the Monk class, and leaves the target prone. This is not an attack and does not trigger effects that are reliant on successful attacks.

Inescapable Hold:
At 17th level a Shooto Masterís holds defy logic. Targets of a Shooto Masterís grapple or restraint attempts do not benefit from the effects of Freedom of Movement or similar effects that would leave them immune to being grappled or restrained. If a target attempts to use teleportation or plane shifting magic to escape the grapple or restraint, the Shooto Master may make an opposed Athletics check against the opponentís Concentration. Success allows the Shooto Master to either follow along with the target or prevent the spell from occurring, their choice.

Basically I thought the Grapple action needed some snazzing up but wanted to have some fun with it in an archetype instead of overhauling 5e's maneuver system. I tried to keep it relatively balanced to 5e sensibilities, and make it not completely dip bait. It may or may not be lightly inspired by Tiger Mask. I hammered this out in about 15 minutes but I liked the idea.