View Full Version : More flexible movement in 3.P?

2017-09-02, 09:40 AM
I recently played in my first 5e game and learned that movement before and after your action are standard (take that mobility!). I am also running a PF game with brand new players and one recently asked if they could move at the end of the round (no longer their turn) since they didn't use all their movement during their turn. I didn't allow it but have been thinking that it might not be a terrible thing. Has anyone ever tried this much flexibility with movement or have any thoughts on it?

2017-09-02, 11:25 AM
I have. At low level, there's no perceptible harm from using 5e attack and movement rules, and it made the few games I've run with the rules more enjoyable. As to letting someone break up their initiative like that, I think I would repurpose Mobility and Spring Attack to that end. (That actually seems like it'd make those feats fun, possibly add some 5e bonus action parallels to them or have variant subsystem feats that add/modify abilities based on the way Dodge and Midnight Dodge work.)

If you allow each iterative attack to go without penalty like 5e you might need to drop one iterative attack later on to compensate for the more reliable damage output- or so I was warned when I asked about doing the same thing.

2017-09-03, 11:05 AM
I also had the thought of repurposing mobility. I think I may go with that.

As far as iterative attacks, I like Trailblazer's mechanic for them. At BAB 6, you can make 2 attacks at +4/+4 or 1 attack at +6. Then at BAB 11, you can attack with +10/+10 or +11. Finally at BAB 16, you get +16/+16. Never more than 2 attacks. The overall damage output is slightly higher than the standard system but not by huge amounts and it's faster at the table. Less dice and they all have the same bonus. I also use Trailblazer's unified spell progression which advances spellcasting with a Base Magical Bonus (BMB).