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2017-09-04, 08:03 AM
Magic: Magic is the manipulation of Arcane energy in the world for the production of various effects. Arcane energy is at itís base dormant in nature and has no will of itís own. Only when it interacts with a Will it shapes itself. To interact with a Will, the will-user must focus a small percentage of arcane energy from his own body, to form the core of the spell (containing the casterís will and the ďinformationĒ of the spell. about 10% of the spellís total Arcane energy is from the casterís body), and then drain arcane energy from his surroundings. From that point on, the Arcane Caster can release the spell, by creating contact between the Arcane Energy from the spellís core and the Free Arcane Energy. Once those two are connected, the spell takes effect. There are 9 types of Will one can put into a spell, categorized into 9 schools of magic.

To be continued...