View Full Version : Eldritch Blast as an Invocation.

Rowan Wolf
2017-09-07, 01:50 PM
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Just a thought exercise, but what effect on the class would changing eldritch blast to an invocation and having it scale with only warlock levels have. Perhaps with and additional invocation known to ease the 'tax' of the change?

2017-09-07, 03:32 PM
Making it an Invocation rather than a 1st-level spell means Bards can't just pick EB up with Magical Secrets, which could go either way. Giving Warlocks an extra Invocation nullifies the tax for them, so it doesn't change much...although, if I wasn't going to get it anyway (a thing that I'd do surprisingly often), I get a little extra something for it. I think this requires some playtesting to know for sure.