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2017-09-10, 01:34 PM
Hi I was wondering if I could get some advice on a build I am working on...first thing I will say is yes I am taking more levels in gunslinger then I bet some would say I should but my logic is I am making this build to kinda work with the weapon enhancing via Magus Arcana

my current scores at level 7 where I am Siege Gunner 1/Eldritch Archer 6
Int:22 (thanks to Headband of Vast int +4)

My plan is to go something like Siege Gunner 7/Elritch Archer 13
Guns I have are 2 pepperbox pistols
I was thinking of doing a spellslinger dip but I didn't know if I should because of the opposed school stuff,cause my GM says it will count to my magus spells as well as the 1 lvl on wizard stuff....

any advice would be great thanks

2017-09-10, 05:00 PM
Double checking - is this Pathfinder? You'll want a mod to move this to the appropriate thread; you'll get more responses that way. Just report it and ask a mod to move it and you'll be good.

2017-09-10, 05:51 PM
oops didn't know I did that wrong....um how do I get a mod to move it