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2017-09-24, 02:05 PM
So in 3.5 there was a pair of races called the Skarn and the Rilkan that came out near the end of that edition's life span. They were both descended from the same ancestor, but had evolved so differently and had an interesting racial history that I loved to use (actually used those two races more than the entire rest of the book). This is my attempt to bring them into 5e, with the hope of finding honest feedback.

The Mishtai were an ancient race, all but unknown to modern texts. What is known is that they were a devoted, hardworking, and powerful race. Their society believed an ideal known as "perfection of form," that being: if they could achieve perfection in both mind and body as a race, they would ascend to godhood. This went on for centuries, before a faction of the mishtai rebelled against this ideal. They argued that enjoying life in every waking moment, rather than devoting oneself to a far-flung ideal, was the means to properly live. According to the Mishtai pursuing perfection of form, it was due to this faction's interference that they failed to achieve godhood. Meanwhile the rebels voiced that such an ideal was impossible in the first place. No detailed records remain of the conflict between these two factions, but they ended up parting ways to each pursue their own ideals. Those that sought perfection of form became the skarn, while those that parted from this ideal became the rilkan

The skarn are perfectionists and seekers of order. They are roughly 5 to 6 feet tall and appear mostly human, though they are built more heavily. The exception to this is the spines that run along the anterior of each forearm, the posterior of each calf, and along the upper back. These spines are usually held flush against the skin, but are extended for combat or displays of aggression. For a skarn to simply accomplish a task is not enough, it must be accomplished the the best of one's ability. And one must improve this ability throughout their lifetime. This mantra applies to physical activity, mental exercises, and social interaction. All skarn have an ordered place in their society, and make themselves acutely aware of social stations in a group (such as titles or holdings). Skarn continue to seek perfection of form, and while they may look down on other races personally, they also recognize that acting haughty and above such creatures would be unbecoming of their race. The only exception to this is the Rilkan, whom the skarn blame for stopping the ancient mishtai in their quest, and thus are treated with curt responses at best and outright hostility at worst.

Abilities: Strength +2 intelligence +1. Skarn are trained from a young age in both mind and in body.
Size: Medium
Age: Skarn mature about the age of 20, and can live up to 120 years
Speed: 30 feet
Arm spines: All skarn have trained to use their arm spines in combat to at least a rudimentary degree. The skarn may attack with their arm spines as they would any other weapon. They are considered proficient in the attack, and deals 1d6 piercing damage on a successful hit. In addition, a skarn that has one hand free may attack with the arm-spines on this free arm, as if striking with two weapons (all usual two-weapon fighting rules apply). A skarn who has levels in monk may treat their arm spines as monk weapons.
Imposing: Through a combination of heavy build and spines, skarns naturally cut an imposing figure. The skarn gains proficiency in the intimidate skill
Tool proficiency: A skarn gains proficiency with one artisan's tool of their choice
Seek perfection: A skarn never accepts anything less than total completion of a goal. When the skarn makes a d20 roll for any purpose, they may choose to make it a "perfect" technique. Instead of rolling the d20, the skarn may treat that roll as if they had rolled high enough to succeed on the task. Once this ability has been used, it cannot be used again until the skarn has finished a long rest. Note: The GM may rule that a task is simply impossible, and thus that this ability will have no impact.
Languages: Common

A Rilkan is a beautiful, free spirit of a creature. Any rilkan enjoys living life to its fullest, and to seek their own happiness. Whether that means traveling to the far corners of the world, becoming a legendary warrior, or simply talking with the travelers who come from out of town in the Rilkan's bakery. Rilkans are naturally affluent and friendly with nearly anyone they meet, and will fast consider someone who was a stranger minutes ago as a friend. Rilkan's enjoy both telling of and experiencing strife, struggle, and passion. Physically, rilkans appear as fair and beautiful humans, save for the bands of scales around their forearms and necks. Men are always chiseled and handsome, while women have an accentuated female form. In addition, men usually have scales that are of a single color tone, while women will have bands of different color throughout their scales.

Abilities: Dexterity +1, Charisma +2. Rilkan are naturally beautiful, personable, and lithe.
Age: Rilkan mature slightly faster than humans, and live about as long as a human
Size: Medium
Speed: 30 feet
Personable: Rilkans are naturally likable and friendly. Gain proficiency in persuasion
Racial knowledge: Rilkans have a racial pool of knowledge formed from the collective conscious of their species. When making an intelligence check to seek information on a subject (nature, arcana, history, etc.) The rilkan may treat themselves as being proficient in that check. Once they have done so, the rilkan may not use this feature again until they have finished a short or long rest.
Rilkan cooperation: Rilkan are excellent at working in tandem with an ally. If he or she strikes an opponent, and one of their allies is adjacent to that opponent, add 1d6 to the damage of the attack.
Rilkan inspiration: A rilkan has a single racial inspiration die, of size d8. As a bonus action, they may grant this inspiration die to an ally for 10 minutes, or until it has been used. In all respects, this inspiration die functions as a bardic inspiration die. A rilkan regains this expended inspiration die after finishing a long rest.
Languages: Rilkan know common and one other language of their choice.