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2017-09-30, 10:33 PM
Fine Tuning Fork
Wondrous item, uncommon, cannot be activated unless owner has the Bardic Inspiration ability
This tuning fork is made of pure silver, and may be used as a spellcasting focus. As an action the Bard activates the Fine Tuning Fork, and gains Advantage on her next performance check, or roll to hit.

Index of Infinite Items
Wondrous item, very rare, (requires attunement by someone who has the Cutting Words ability)
This leather-bound book seems just like a standard note-keeping journal. This book has infinite pages however, and while holding it the Bard gains advantage on all history checks as it pertains to items. Once per day the book may be used to cast Identify, and any item that becomes identified, or has a history check performed on it gains an entry in the book. The book entries contain all the knowledge the bard knows about the items. Additionally, instead of casting Identify, once per day the book may be used to summon any singly mundane item within itís pages, that is smaller than the size of its page. The item fades from existence after 1 hour.

Singing Blade
Weapon (any sword), very rare (requires attunement by someone who has the Combat Inspiration ability)
You gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon.
You can use a bonus action to speak this magic sword's command word, causing beautiful singing to emanate from the blade. While the sword is singing, it deals an extra 1d6 thunder damage to any target it hits, and any target struck by this blade must make a DC12 Charisma save or be deafened, and have any spells they are concentrating on be cancelled.