View Full Version : Magus Archetype - Dark/Fell Knight

Seth Phoenix
2017-10-13, 05:44 PM
Some time ago, I asked about a Dark Knight build for Pathfinder and I got some good answers on reddit, and asked them about a Magus archetype I homebrewed but still needed to work things out for. I didn't get a lot of feedback, but what I got was good stuff. I intended to consult the forums here much sooner but was busy with stuff. But I am now getting around to doing that. A good deal of this is copied from my reddit post and edited.

Fell Knight (name not set in stone, trying to think of some others)

Draw From Blood (Trying think of a better name for this too)
Fell Bade (As with the above, name not set in stone, gonna be a running theme here)
Death Wave

Draw From Blood
Sacrifice Hit Points to restore points to your Arcane Pool (1 HP/Magus level for 1 AP)

Fell Blade
At fifth level, a Magus gains access to the Vicious property and a variant of the Vampiric property. A variant of vampiric because if you go as written, this would be completely useless because it doesn't last as long as necessary to get the desired effect, and without limit to how many hit points you can absorb in a day. We don't put limit on vampiric weapons at our games is why. If you do, that's fine, play it as your GM has you. If you do have a limit, upgrade to Greater Vampiric at level...10. However, in exchange for these, you lose access to Flaming, Flaming Burst, Frost, Icy Burst, Shock and Shocking Burst.

Death Wave
Sacrifice three Arcane Point (channel is roughly equivalent o fireball in terms of damage dealt) to unleash a wave of negative energy at your enemies. Sort of like channeling. Replaces Spell Recall or any abilities that act as a spontaneous equivalent for those who prefer that sort of thing.

Something I think would be interesting would be a much later level power to act as an equivalent to Minus Strike like Alternis Dim has in Bravely Default. Before you say anything, yes, I know it wasn't always a Dark Knight power, I just always thought he was awesome. But it would be more than just a little OP, having some power that deals more damage the less HP you have left. That said, if you can think of a way to possibly adapt it, that would be interesting. Note I have no plans on adding it, because I don't think our GM would allow it, I'm just curious.