View Full Version : Editable Mekton Character Sheet?

2017-10-19, 12:55 PM
So I am thinking of running a PbP Mekton Zeta Plus game in the near future, but want to do some world building first. While I have gotten my hands on plenty of PDFs, I have been unable to find any editable character sheets which can be used and shared for PbP style gaming (neither for characters or Meks). I've mostly done search engine hunts, and checked a couple of sites like Myth Weaver which host online sheets. Does anyone know of a good resource that could may have something in the realm of what I am talking about???

Lord Torath
2017-10-19, 01:12 PM
If you don't have access to a .pdf editor, you can import the sheet into Publisher or Inkscape, and just add text on top of the imported sheet. Inkscape is free, and I'd be surprised if there isn't a free version of Publisher out there somewhere (not a free version of MicroSoft Publisher, but a free version of a similar program).

2017-10-19, 01:18 PM
Ive honestly used Adobe Acrobat's text box function to add text boxes in each section, but for a game like Mekton, that's a lot of boxes to fill, and is a bit of a headache. I will use that if it is the only option, but its not exactly ideal, especially if I am going to ask other players to do the same.